It is very important to thank all our well wishers as well as those who are trying to help us despite our shortcomings.I am very sorry to say that I am writing after a long gap as we had to pass through a time of trials .We were blessed in a special way to suffer viral fever with temperatures as high as 103ยฐF and with literally no effect of medication.It’s the perfect time to thank everyone for their prayers and supports including our Loving Lord without whose blessings we would not have survived.Especially when in this part of the world people are dying everyday owing to the dreadful virus called dengue.

So a big thanks to the Almighty for considering us worthy to survive for good cause.It was a great realization as days passed without any improvement and our Hope’s in the Lord swayed .As usual our prayers were fruitful at the end and that certainly is a great miracle for my family.Those who are righteous and have strong faith in the Lord don’t give up easily but solving problem with men of little faith like me is quite difficult .As human beings we always wish our beloved ones especially our kids to be showered with the best of all.Sometimes in trying to do that we hide or destroy our bad experiences in order to ensure that there is no sufferings in the lives of our little loved ones.The reality is something else,our beloved ones not only inherit the best of all that we have but they are also entitled to suffer for our wrong deeds.

This is undoubtedly very sad but it has a very bright prospect, we are not assured of sufferings for our mistakes that is why we ought to think before every action of ours.As parents or guardians we cannot inflict upon us a particular sufferings for penance’s sake to ensure that our beloved ones don’t suffer.That is not within our capacity. That solely depends upon the Lord.Hence we have to be judicious before every move of ours.We cannot remove anything bad inherited by our kids because of our shortcomings because we allow them to enjoy the best things that we accumulate by our hard work.That assures every parent to live a life of honesty & chastity .

If I am truly loving to my child then I shall certainly refrain from :

1)Abusive languages and keep my tongue clean to pray whenever there is a requirement .

2)Watching vulgar pictures and movies and enable my body to be in a state of grace always.

3)Sin of flesh that is adultery to ensure that my child is always considered a fruit of true love and grace of pious parents .

4)Cheating others in terms of financial matters for an unlawful luxurious life of my loved ones.

5)Addiction of any kind that which will bring an early end to an invaluable life and thus be matter of grave concern for a child who will then be an orphan for no mistake of his/her own.

6)Being rude or unkind to anyone friend or enemy so that our children will find a world full of friendly and lovely people.

7)Activities that go against the chastity and morality of others.

There are so many more dos and don’ts to create an environment free of fears and phobias for the new generation.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your constant support since January 2019 the beginning of my journey in WordPress ‘JOVIAL’.You all have been really very kind and generous to me despite my repeated failures to like and comment on your outstanding posts.On this auspicious day of THANKSGIVING I also thank you for your prayers wishes and invaluable comments and reblog.Above all I thank you all for accepting me as a part of this great community and for sharing your awesome talents with me.

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21 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  1. Felรญz Dรญa de Acciรณn de Gracias para Usted y Familia, mi estimado amigo Francis.. Bendiciones Infinitas ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฅโœจ..!!

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  2. You have rightly explained the points-to be refrained from. Amazing post. Best wishes for the health of you and your family. Yes it is the time when I am hearing about Dengue. Wish you too a happy Thanksgiving day!

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