A crowded world with not enough space for animals and human beings,

where we can rule the way we like as now there are no kings.

So many are loving,generous, courteous, honest and very kind,

yet some are still lonely and say very sadly good people they can’t find.

With a wall built around oneself if you really love to stay alone,

who will know you are lonely & to help should enter your zone?

Though there are a few bad ones but the rest are really best,

choose someone for your lovely heart and have a lovely test.

For best relationship you ought to have an open and broad mind,

but with narrowness he/she will go ahead leaving you alone behind.

It’s good to accept the shortcomings and fault of your dear ones,

and rectify those with loving care but never with guns.

It’s bad to think that all are bad and only I am the person who is good,

that does harm a lot and often changes even good people’s mood.

A person who always had a balanced diet may find himself sick,

the food of heart is good friendship missing that makes a person weak.

Being scrupulous when it concerns the heart can really be very fatal,

the heart is made up of flesh and blood it’s not at all made up of metal.

To be joyful and carefree sometimes you ought to have fun & humour,

just enjoy yourself to your heart’s content ignoring all that’s rumour.

Keep your inner eyes open & find the one who will be your friend,

and heal your cuts and bruises of your heart and evil ways to mend,

Last but not the least if you wish to be jolly & want your friendship to grow,

waste no time to have control of your emotions and to kill instantly your ego.

Image Courtesy:thebigphotos.com

27 thoughts on “LONELINESS (Jovial)

  1. Very poetic. A well put together script. It really speaks volumes. I need to read this some more. I need to look deep into this writing. The Lord Jesus Christ bless you for this writing sir.

    Liked by 1 person

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