How shall I tell you all of my little hurts

and pains?

When never before I have shared with you about my gains.

Very selfishly I enjoyed the good and my joyous moment,

the unknown facts of love and glory alone I had spent.

You say,”Joys are moments that we all ought to share,

sharing only the sad things with friends is not at all fair.”

Though very late yet I have understood that sharing is caring,

I’ve also learnt that for caring someone we’ve to be little daring.

The world won’t really stop you for your worst work or deeds,

for sharing and caring you’ve to go on even when someone forbids.

A path of charity is initially full of difficulties and uncertainty,

yet for the helpless ones you can’t afford to stop having pity.

You have in you the urge to help others in need is in your blood,

the blood that flowed on the cross as he was pierced with a lance by the guard.

Are you looking for love and contentment wherever you go?

Only prayers will enable you to find the path the good Lord can show.

We will keep on moving with our little crosses towards our destiny,

good/bad thing is that we will never be crucified like Jesus on Calvary.

A path of prayers is nothing but the real way of the cross,

though we’re carrying our little crosses yet there’s none but He is the boss.


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