Life without grace is really meaningless.Such a life is full of sorrows and problems ,life without grace too can be full of sorrows and problems then what is the use of being in grace?Being in a state of grace means we are able to comprehend our problems .We can easily understand the purpose of such problems.

Whenever we are in trouble we have two options before us ,first we have to either get out of the trouble or be with it.A person with a hopeless relationship can go for a divorce and live a separate life.Many prefer separation because life is short so there is no need to waste it for someone’s non co-operation. No one can impose or inflict sufferings in another person’s life but accepting it for some time can make things different.Trust me I have found the most precious thing in life out of sufferings.I mean Jesus has converted a mess in my life into a real message. That has been possible because of my patience and God’s grace.

We cannot get anything invaluable simply out of our pleasures.A student gets a good job after studying for almost fifteen years.We get the best doctors, engineers ,professors and teachers after a struggle of long period .Those who give up regret later for their lack of determination.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ allowed his disciple Judas to carry on despite his weaknesses towards money.That’s an excellent example for all of us to ponder over .Judas Iscariot was there for a purpose because Jesus Christ was the blessed one .Things could have been the other way but God’s grace was always there with Jesus.He himself was the grace so no evil could spoil the plan for which he had come to this earth.

Allow me to write about one of the great popes of the church John Paul ll .Pope John Paul ll had a pathetic life in his early days because his mother Emilia Wojtyla,died of heart and kidney problems on 13 th April 1929 in Wadowice,Poland.When Karol Jozef Wojtyla(Pope ) was only a lad of 9.His only sister Olga ,died in infancy before Karol was born.

After Emilia’s death ,his father a non-commissioned officer of the Austro -Hungarian Army and a captain in the Polish Army ,an intensely religious man who did most of the house work ,brought up Karol so that he could study.As a child Karol was called Lolek by friends and family .He grew closely to his brother Edmund ,whom Karol had nicknamed Mundeck.Edmund graduated from the Jagiellonian Universcity in Krakow and practised as a doctor in Wadowice.There was an epidepic of scarlet fever in winter of 1932,and he contracted the disease from one of his patients.Edmund died four days later on 5th December aged 26;Karol then ,12 was profoundly affected, Papal biographer George Weigel recalls that when Karol was 15 yeare old a young person playfully pointed a gun at him not realizing that it was loaded.On pressing the trigger ,the gun fired and narrowly missed the target.

When in September 1939 Germany invaded Poland, at the outbreak of war Karol worked as a messenger for a restaurent and continued his education.Karol worked for almost four years as Manual labourer in a limestine quarry,and was well paid.His father died in 1941 of a heart attack.

In 1942 ,he entered the underground seminary run by Cardinal Sapiecha,the Archbishop of Krakow.On 29th February 1944 Karol was walking home from work at the quarry he was knocked down by a German truck .The German officers tending the injured Wojtyla, and the decision to commandeer a passing truck to use as an ambulance for the unconscious patient,is in sharp contrast to the harshness normally expected from occupying forces during that period.

He spent two weeks in hospital and suffered severe concussion,numerous cuts and a shoulder injury .This accident and his survival seemed to Wojtyla a confirmation of his priestly voaction.Later on (Karol) Pope John Paul was shot and wounded on 13th May 1981,in St.Peter’s Square in Vatican city.

So we understand from the extract as to how a person destined to work for peace,charity and for God is saved again and again ,even when all the other members of the family die in short succession.

Anyone wants to know about God’s plan for him or her must have problems and sufferings in life.If you are in trouble despite your good attitudes and intentions then there is certainly a hope of salvation for you.So beloved ones don’t be in despair even when you are the only one left in an isolated island to survive.So long you are in a state of grace you are in the arms of the loving father.He has a better plan to save you and give you the best of all that you require.

Courtesy :pinterest.com and wikipedia.


  1. Thank you for this post. It is what I needed to read today. My husband died 4 1/2 months ago from brain cancer 7 months after diagnosis. I cry because I miss him and because my life has changed so much. I know God has a plan for me. This was a good reminder. God bless you!

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  2. “…we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts…” (Rom. 5: 3-5).

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