A friendly chat

I am truly a slave to my tummy & tongue and my passion,

nurturing hatred in my mind and destroying compassion.

I speak often of love to you all and stick to hatred,

even for my love sometimes I would love to be paid.

I write whatever I want to waste your invaluable time,

making you read all those posts I really feel it’s a crime.

To read my posts you often spend your inestimable moments,

to go through my posts you do dare to remove all your opponents.

So it is high time I write something that’s jovial and useful,

not forgetting to keep always in mind that very golden rule.

The rule to not write that which will possibly make you sad,

something that will encourage you to read and really be glad .

Don’t spend all your time on reading this post,

find a little time to read the book of the Holy Ghost.

Art is long and time is certainly fleeting,

let’s be prepared for the Lord’s day he has arranged a great meeting.

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