Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.

The festival of the cross is indeed a great day for humanity across the world.It certainly is very significant to millions of people on this earth.It is the cross that has stopped many from being rude, unkind,and selfish.The peace we speak often is because of the Cross,the cross has taught us to love .The cross makes our lives full,without it we are somewhat like cannibals, we don’t really eat the flesh of another human being but we do more harm than that.

Even a very powerful person bows before a cross that’s because it is not possible for everyone to acquire that special power to accept humiliations, criticism silently.Our greatness lies in our acceptance of hatred from somebody for whom we have immense love and respect.The cross has divided the world into two;if you believe in the cross then you certainly have love for all but if you have no affections for human beings of all denomination then you can never ever accept the cross as a symbol of your salvation.

It is not only the devil who is scared of the Cross but even great dictators,kings, princes and princesses had great fear of the Cross,because they knew the fact that no other weapon was more powerful than the cross.Yes the cross has conquered the hearts of billions and billions are scared of the cross because they also know it’s real power but cannot accept the teachings of the cross because it doesn’t speak of any easy things,it has no easy message for mankind.The message of the cross is nothing but sufferings,forgiveness. It doesn’t speak of unlimited pleaures, it doesn’t assure anyone of easy life or easy death.The cross speaks of afflictions, terrible pain and sufferings.It is the truth, it is the real meaning of life.No one can avoid a cross on this earth, we all are carrying a cross of our own may be small or a huge one depends on the kind of responsibility we shoulder.

The interesting fact is that almost 52 countries have banned the teaching or preaching of the holy Bible because of the message of the cross.Legions of devils flee when they see the holy cross in the hand of a righteous person.Dreaded diseases are healed by the touch of the holy cross.I love the cross because billions oppose it. In the present world we find people oppose only the good activities not the evil one.Accepting the message of the cross means living a simple life of chastity and It is really very difficult for wealthy people to remain chaste,a life devoid of unnatural lusts,perversion etc.

Pornography has not been banned by many but the message of the cross has been banned and that is the twist in the history of mankind, that speaks of the glory of the cross.We all know that there are laws in almost every country concerning the private life of a human being that is why we are all jealous of an illegal relationship, we speak ill of people having such relationship yet most people love it.

Sometimes the statutes of men are contradictory to their real interests.We understand it but we love to keep it because our real pleaures lie therein.So the teachings and the messages of the cross will never ever be accepted by all.

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