Complete -dictation from THE END TIMES

If people only reflected to what subjection they hand themselves over when they espouse sin,they would not sin but people do not think.They look at the fleeting moment and its joy,and worse than Esau they barter their divine generation for a plate of lentils.

Nevertheless,Satan does not make use only of this violent seducer of mankind.However few people do reflect, usually there are still many who,not out of love, but out of fear of punishment, do not want to sin mortally,and so behold the other Satanic minister, the second beast. Beneath lamb’s clothing he has a dragon’s spirit.

He is the second manifestation of Satan and he corresponds to Gabriel,because he announces the Beast and is its stronger power:he is the one that dismantles without being noticed and persuades with false sweetness that it is right to follow the footsteps of the beast.

It is useless to speak of political power and of the world.If anything, you may attribute the name of human Power to the first and human science to the second. While human Power by itself produces rebels,when Science is merely human it corrupts without producing rebellion and drags to perdition a countless number of followers. How many are lost through intellectual pride which makes them despise the Faith,and how many kill their souls with the pride that separates God!For though I will reap on the last day the harvest of the world,already a reaper is amongst you.It is this spirit of Evil who mows you down and does not turn you into ears of eternal grain,but hay for the dwellings of Satan.

One,only one science is necessary, I will repeat it a thousand times :to know God and serve him,to know him in all things, to see him in what happens, and to be able to distinguish him from his adversary,so as not to fall into perdition.Instead you are concerned about increasing your human knowledge,to the detriment of superhuman knowledge.

I do not condemn science.In fact I am pleased that mankind should learnedly probe the knowledge which it has been accumulating, so as to be more and more able to understand Me and admire Me in My works.I have given you intelligence for this purpose but you must use it to see God in the law of the stars, in the formation of flowers and in the conception of beings, not use it to violate life or deny the creator.

Rationalism, Humanism,Philosophism,Theosophism,Naturalism,Classisism,Darwinism,:you have schools and doctrines of all kinds and you are concerned with all of them,though the truth is much perverted or eliminated in them.It is only the school of Christianity that you do not want to follow and examine closely.

Such resistance is natural, after all. If you examined your religious culture closely, you would have to either follow the Law,and you do not want to,or openly confess that you want to trample upon the law,and again you do not want to and so you do not want to become learned in supernatural Science.

You poor fools! What will you do with your little schools and your little words when you have to take My exam?You have put out in yourselves the infinite light of true science and you thought you could enlighten your souls with makeshift light,just like some poor lunatics who would think they have put out the sun and made a new one with many little lamps.But even if the fog hides the sun,the sun is always there in My firmament.Even if with your dictrines you create a fog which veils Knowledge and Truth,Truth and Knowledge still exist because they come from Me, who am eternal.

Seek true Wisdom and you will understand Science as it should be understood.Clear your souls of all their artificial superstructures,and set up in them true Faith.Like spires of a spiritual cathedral there shall flower in your souls Science,Wisdom,Intellect and Fortitude,Humility and Temperance,because real scholers know not only what is humanly knowable.They know also the most difficult of all things :self -control with regard to the passions of the flesh and turning their lower parts into the pedestals for their souls to be raised and their spirits to be launched Heavenwards, towards Me,who came and am in all things, and who love to be the true and holy Master of My brothers and sisters.

( As Jesus said to Maria Valtorta)


6 thoughts on “Complete -dictation from THE END TIMES

  1. Science compliments the Father and the Father compliments science. I have been studying Quantum Physics, there is a deeper meaning to it than what they see on paper. It all leads to Creation. Exciting stuff for me.

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