Are we habituated in spreading rumours and hatred?

May be that’s why we are so sad and are discontented.

Success through true hardships give all of us true joy,

fake success!Our mental peace and happiness certainly destroy.

To be truly happy we have to call a spade a spade,

if we pretend to be happy to please others we will be somewhat dead.

It is painful to be poor before others in body mind and souls,

but in it lies the secrets of reaching our true goals.

What are we going to do with few days of fake friendship?

When such friends will go away we will be alone in our trip.

A lonely life of truth and honesty looks somewhat dull,

but at the end of our journey the real beauty it will unfurl.

There’s no harm in allowing the world to know who really I am,

so that later on in life they don’t declare me a damn sham.

I am unfaithful so I do have little faith in others,

I am scared I will be cheated and that’s what bothers.

Many had started together the monotonous journey of life,

yet some have reached top today as so fast I couldn’t drive.

It is often said that ‘slow and steady always wins the race’,

but being successful by cheating others I will have a shameless face.

So cheer up my soul there’s no harm at all in being unsuccessful,

trying to be just and honest is life’s true and perfect rule.

Image courtesy:shutterstock.com

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