A visit to ‘GOD’S OWN COUNTRY’ Kerala

It was a really an amazing trip to Kerala, God’s own country for which I could not be in touch with so many beautiful people, I could not read your lovely, inspiring articles. It was not just an ordinary Holiday trip rather it was for a purpose. Great Vincentians from almost every Diocese gathered at the same venue at Muvattuhpuza to attend the AGM.The local committee under the leadership of the National President Dr.Johnson Varghese worked tirelessly to make it a grand one.They spared no pains to make the visitors happy and feel at home.We never felt out of our homes because of their presence. They arranged everything we required. The early morning coffee at 6am to sumptuous meals at lunch, their local snacks at tea break and gala dinner at night was prepared in an orderly manner to ensure that everyone was fit and fine during their stay over there.The AGM was blessed by a holy mass and then the Most Rev.Bishop of the Diocese prayed and lighted the lamp after the enthronement of The Holy Bible.For three days we had a rigorous discussions and sharing of the work done by different Central Councils of different areas.Every one was given the chance to speak about his/her works in the respective region.I was really surprised to find the National president always in a friendly mood.sometimes I noticed him perspiring but he always had a smile on his face.After the real work we got a chance to visit few pilgrimage centres like the tomb of Saint Alphonsa and the Church where the remains of Blessed Kunjachan have been kept.It was really worth visiting.The ambience in the pilgrimage centre was truly amazing.People prayed and maintained silence to ensure that no one was disturbed.I looked up to the beautiful shrine like many others, prayed and thanked the Lord for his amazing grace.It was worth attending the AGM as I learnt so many things and ways of serving the poorest of the poor and the downtrodden. Helping out the needy doesn’t require so much of wealth but it does require the attitude of serving.One has to feel that something needs to be done and the support will be there for such a person.Works of charity eradicate suffering from the society so everyone is benefited from it.Some are really very busy with their work but they can contribute or are ready to contribute provided they come across the right person with the attitude of serving.That is the real job of the members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Receiving certificate for two of my conferences from the National President of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Dr.Johnson Varghese Principal, Nirmala College, Muvattuhpuza,Kerala.

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