Sundays are great days,a day different from the other days.On this day one can rest,look after the cleaning of the house and it’s also a day when one can look after one’s soul.I decided to read the Holy Bible.After reading Genesis 4,I stopped and felt like sharing something new;my own findings which are not in the book.

Cain took his brother Abel to the field and killed him.Cain committed the worst sin even after getting the assurance of the Lord “If you do well,will you not be accepted?And if you do not do well,sin is lurking at the door;its desire is for you,but you must master it.” Genesis 4:7

Then the Lord said to him,’Not so!Whoever kills Cain will suffer a sevenfold vengeance.’And the Lord put a mark on Cain,so that no one who came upon him would kill him.Then Cain went away from the presence of the Lord,and settled in the land of Nod,east of Eden. -Genesis 4:15-16

Cain knew his wife,and she conceived and bore Enoch;and he built a city,and named it Enoch after his son Enoch. -Genesis 4:17

Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth,for she said,’God has appointed for me another child instead of Abel,because Cain killed him. -Genesis 4:25

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman whom God had created in his own image.The Holy Bible speaks nothing about any other creation in the land of Nod,east of Eden.The question is ;Who was the wife of Cain?Where did she come from?

Before the creation God lived with his beloved Archangels and angels,who worshiped him,adored him and stayed beside him.Out of those angels and archangels he had some favourite ones. Lucifer was the favourite one just like archangel Michael.Lucifer had mastered almost all the art of the Almighty.Everything was going on well but when God decided to make man and woman in his own image Lucifer didn’t like the idea.He felt sad persuaded the Lord to give up that particular idea as he knew that his importance would become less.So he revolted and said that “He was like God” and archangel Michael cried aloud and said “Who is like unto God?” and thus a worst battle had begun in which archangel Michael won the battle in favour of God and drove Lucifer and the other angels who supported him into a deep pit of fire called hell.

From that very moment Lucifer’s plan was to spoil the newly created man and woman.He entered into the serpent and tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the Garden. -Genesis 3:3

As one sin gives birth to thousands the eating of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden gave birth to sin like disobedience,then the sin of jealousy grew in Cain’s mind when the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering.Then out of jealousy grew the sin of anger in Cain and finally the sin of murder.Lucifer was successful in his activities.

In the meantime When God created Adam and Eve Lucifer also started creating human beings with all the negativism in them.To get the offspring of Adam and Eve have relationship with Lucifer’s created human beings the plot of Abel’s murder was planned and carried out successfully. Finally as a murderer Cain got his wife in the land of Nod.The meeting and mating of good and evil had begun.

It happens with us too,whenever we are in a state of sin and are not God fearing or haughty we come across people like us to make our lives worst.It is our uncleanliness that enable us to invite people of poor quality into our lives.

Bad people have no power to come into the lives of good people.If I have chosen a bad person to be my life partner then I must have been in a state of sin at that moment.I wasn’t in a good state. Yet I have changed that situation into good because of the grace of our Lord, that special mark which he had put on Cain’s forehead as he was about to run away after killing his brother.

The battle is going on behind the curtains, which is invisible but many are able to notice it in their daily lives.Sometimes we plan for the best but we end up in the worst.We plan to repent and hold on to something or someone like a climber to rise again but we fall repeatedly. That is the moment when we have to ask the lord to have mercy on us,to forgive us our sins and cleanse us with holy blood of the mighty one who had shed his blood to fight the battle against hell.No one can fight this battle alone because there is someone who has been empowered to rule over hell and he is the prince of peace,king of kings.

He is not like the powerful kings of this earth who are always worried of the powers of their enemies.So have courage and be strong to fight the battle and be a winner at the end of this life.

N.B.I am not a theologian,I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone through this article but I solicit your comments, suggestions and references if any and bring me to the true light if possible.I ASSURE YOU THAT IF NECESSARY THEN I SHALL REMOVE THE POST IF YOU CAN SHOW ME SOME OTHER VALID PROOFS/ANSWERS OF MY QUESTIONS.THANKS A LOT.

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11 thoughts on “THE FIRST SIN

  1. It is an interesting and sad story indeed. I never noticed that Cain married and got his own family three. The story about Adam, Eve, The snake and God, yes also Cain and Abel reminds me of James 1:15

    β€œThen, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”

    Thank you for sharing ❀


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