In my previous posts I had written about grace and curses.I do not know why I feel like sharing more of spititual matters.I am always attracted to spirituality especially when I notice the sufferings of people around me.There is lack of joy and happiness in every spheres of life. There is a feeling of emptiness in most people.We all are looking for something but we do not know exactly what we are searching for.

What is it that we really need?People are very intelligent yet they are hankering after things like overwork,unlimited entertainment and many other things which ultimately make them sick,unhappy and even deceived.There is backbitings, criticism, jealousy haterd,Vanity, lies,greed and so on.We are ready to pray but not ready to forgive,we are ready to help but for special credit. We are ready to spend time for yogas and exercises but not at all ready to eat less.

There was a time when people had limited money so they ate less.Today people have more money but are not allowed to eat more.That’s because we have violated the laws of the nature and have brought upon us unknown diseases, complicated relationship. I myself feel that there is less love and affections among us today.I can see that people are least bothered of the illnesses of their dear ones. I have seen people returning home from the hospitals and nursing homes after admitting their dear ones,they sit for a while to think and when it’s time for the favourite soaps and serials they cannot refrain.

I have to think of every activities of my life.I have to find the reason for every accidents. Every accident occurs for a reason.After reflecting on all those matters I had decided to offer everything to the Lord. So I pray to the Lord to forgive my sins, the sins of my dear ones and ancestors to be protected from occult,witchcrafts and illnesses.

I do not know whether it will be of any use to anyone or not but on this πŸ’žFriendship dayπŸ’ž I wish to share a beautiful prayer of help which I recite almost everyday.


O Merciful God,I and my forefathers violated your commandments,laws and judgements.Our ancestors sinned;they are no more,and we bear the weight of their guilt (Lam 5:7).Forgive us our sins and break the generational curses caused by our ancestors through their worship of false Gods,witchcraft,adultery and unnatural sex,injustice towards the weak,the helpless and the widows.The earth is defiled ;for we and our ancestors violated your decrees (Is24:5).O Loving God,break our ancestral curses of theft,perjury,dishonouring parents,murder,violence,alcoholism, abortions,cheating,cruelty shown to human beings and to animals and other sins.

O Loving God, we have sinned, we have done wrong, we have acted wickedly, we have betrayed your commandments and rulings and turned away from them.We have not listened to your prophets and priests/pastors who spoke in your name to us and to our ancestors and to all the people of the country (Daniel9:5-6).Have mercy on us, O loving God and pardon us because Jesus Christ has redeemed us from the curses of the Law(Gal 3:13-14),I now wash away all our sins through the blood of Jesus and break all the bondages and remove all the personal and ancestral curses.Deliver us and our coming generations from the consequences of curses,like hunger,thirst,lack of clothing and total privations (Deut 28:48).Set us and our children free from curses of our ancestors (Ex 20:5).Put us, O Lord, always at the head, not at the tail,on the top and never underneath (Deut 28:13).

O Merciful God,bless us, extend our lands,and let your hand be with us,keep harm away from us and remove our distress (1 Chr 4:10).O Merciful God, give us peace in the land where we live.Rid the land off beasts of prey.Never let the sword, violence and riot pass through our land.Give us and our children and their thousand generations ” the blessings of heaven above,blessings of the deep lying below,the blessings of the breasts and womb (children),the blessings of grain and flowers and the blessings of eternal mountains and the blessings of everlasting hills”(Gen 49:25-26).We make this prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.Amen.

Special thanks to Rev.Fr.Dr.George Varghese Arackal V.C for the prayer which he has published in his book “My delight is in you”


18 thoughts on “FORGIVENESS

  1. “We are ready to pray but not ready to forgive,we are ready to help but for special credit. We are ready to spend time for yogas and exercises but not at all ready to eat less.”-This is very true. It is because people have lots of money which they can spend in Gym. Great thoughtful post.. πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ

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