The scorching heat and humidity have made our lives real hell,

everyone waits for the rain so that we can all be well.

The drooping leaves of trees speak of their sad plight,

the toll of the warmth on nature and creatures is really a horrible sight.

The global warming is truly a grave concern for us all,

we eagerly look for the lovely winter and the company of the fall.

Who do we blame for this intolerable and scorching heat?

Isn’t it because of our ill temperament that for others we use to treat?

We have legalised all illegal relations for our lust and greed,

even though we have enough with the poor we cannot share and feed.

We are fast developing in our daily lives and in technological field,

those are boons of science no doubt for death they can never be shield.

Success is nothing but fast pace towards the unavoidable death,

so let’s listen to the true life and resurrection as Jesus hath saith.

No powers can save us from total annihilation in the end,

for our sins only when with contrite heart before God we repent and bend.

The soothing blessings from heaven in the form of rain is often withheld,

for the irony that we have given deaf ears to the prophets who had yelled.

Yet with so much advancement in life we are scared of the Typhoon,

remember being careless with the nature we may not get the monsoon


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