I AM SORRY(Jovial)

I am extremely sorry to say that I am in trouble as my beloved ones are not well.I have lost my father and my only brother few years back and at present I have two sisters and my mother besides my wife and son,my mother is not at all well, her health is a matter of grave concern for me. My sisters are not healthy,they frequently visit specialist Doctors yet they are not at all well and happy in life.

I pray for them everyday but nothing seems to put things in order. I can’t keep my commitment owing to so many reasons.I am trying hard to give importance to the thoughts of friends and benefactors like you.I don’t like to use the term ‘followers’ I would rather use the term well wishers or benefactors.I miss you all a lot but I am literally helpless.I know that so far nothing in my life has been fantastic since my birth.Everything is in a messy state of affair.I was almost declared dead when I was born,the doctors didn’t have much hope and my father had difficulty in finding the proper medicines as our country was in a warring state with the neighbouring country,there was a severe flood in our state in that year and refugees poured into our country from another neighbouring country and since then everything was in topsyturvy.Later on I lost my admit card on my way to the school for the School final examinations.I had to argue with the police officer to take the diary number of my missing admit card to continue that day’s examination as there was little time left for the examination.I shall speak of those incidents later on.

Few months back I had purchased a domain named amessiah.blog for my blog Jovial but I forgot to register it so I am getting mails with the request to upgrade my plan though I have upgraded my blog from a free plan to a personal plan.There are so many other issues which I have to resolve so I am requesting you all to bear with me.

Another important matter is that I am extremely sorry as I could not thank a sweet blogger named Jyoti Live.Explore.who had nominated me for the Liebster Award on the 21st June but I didn’t notice it. I am requsting the other fellow bloggers to please read her lovely,inspiring posts at jyoticorner.home.blog she is indeed a lovely blogger, I really like her style of writing. Her recent posts like ‘LEFT ALL ALONE’, ‘MY SUMMER VACATIONS!!’ are worth reading.

I am sure things will be okay again.Thank you so much dear Jyoti for thinking highly of me.I shall try to live upto that God bless you abundantly.

Image courtesy:aprojectforkindness.wordpress.com

24 thoughts on “I AM SORRY(Jovial)

    1. Very well said sir, thanks for the inspiration and for the strong bond that enables you all great bloggers to guide the other fellow bloggers. It is quite impossible to consider you all as outsiders because to me you all are part of my family and that is what has prompted you to support me in my troubles.


  1. You are in my prayers as always, remember to take time for yourself and your family which is important, God knows your heart and he will continue to use you to bring glory to His kingdom.

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    1. Thank you for the soothing message, it’s really amazing to find satisfaction where one least expects, yes.. when every door seems to be closed there are thousands of ways to find mental peace and hope to continue and the courage to fight aggressively against all odds. Thank you for the support and prayers, God bless you abundantly.

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  2. Sorry to hear about loss of your father and brother. May God RIP. sometimes Life tests us and it feels to difficult to bear with. But believe that after this hard phase of life, a happy phase must come. Always hope for best. Best wishes.

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  3. Life has its own ways of testing us but we have to hold on. I am proud of all tour struggles and how you are fighting. I hope your mother and sisters get well soon. You will be in my prayers..

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