A lovely little life is a grace of the lord to spread the fragrance of love to all,

sharing with those who really need will save us from our downfall.

To believe that we all are part of the great and omnipotent living God,

it is confidence in ourselves and a faith that enables us to move forward.

Remember that God hasn’t created foes to disturb us and spoil our joy,

if being human beings we can save our kids then God has angel’s convoy.

Have we ever thought that we don’t create anything to be destroyed?

Then why do we think he has made us to die early from pleasures be devoid?

As parents very often we spent all that we have for our children’s benefit,

yet when at life’s ebb we expect nothing but accept the way they treat.

If this is how so great our love for our darlings even we are human beings,

then we certainly insult God’s love if we have about him such ill feelngs.

Let us understand that we’re made out of love so there shouldn’t be strife,

we are all different but spreading love is the sole purpose of our life.

Image Courtesy:shutterstock.com

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