Since time immemorial we all have lived together,

and accepted the creator of this universe as our dear father.

He breathed in us and blessed us with his amazing grace,

and provided all that we need the air,water and space.

Many have questioned ;why are we all not immortal?

why do we disobey him and be cause of our own downfall?

If human lives would be of prolonged period and unending ages,

then the author wouldn’t call us all as actors and actresses on stages.

Mortality means a lot for all as it has given meaning to human lives,

that’s why the married men have so much love for their wives.

The commitments are meaningful cause our lives are very short,

to ensure that our beloved ones don’t die quickly often we do escort.

Immortality would mean there’s no need to do anything in time,

we would keep serious issues pending and our lives wouldn’t be sublime.

The world would then be a place of useless human beings,

and also there would certainly be dearth of food and necessary things.

Then love would be unending and would be devoid of it’s meaning,

there would be little love for all & more disaster of hatred and sinning.

It is mortality for which we love our dear ones and lovers,

for fear of execution the worst crimes of them find suitable covers.

We struggle hard to make both ends meet for the love of our kids,

for their good we avoid evil practices,sins and all our misdeeds.

It is mortality that only creates a fear of consequence of sins,

so we separate lies from truth as both can never be part of disciplines.

We should thank the Lord and creator for the grace of mortality,

as it has made our lives so meaningful that there’s no need of immortality.


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