Dreams are just dreams for so many among us,

turning them into reality is not easy but a real fuss.

It’s like a great battle to be fought often alone,

it’s an unending journey to the known and unknown.

For it’s fulfillment you ought to be brave,

like many others the things of this earth you cannot crave.

Use whatever you have though a little it may be,

you can’t afford to run after the things you can see.

Let your gaze be upon that which matters to you a lot,

always remember the path you alone have trot.

Let peace reign in your heart though people have often fought,

‘love conquers all’ is our moto for that’s what we have been taught.

There are dreams unlimited on this mesmerising place,

the real achievement; the love you get is only true grace.

There is no glory in hatred for the fulfillment of our dream,

just keep sailing with love in your heart in the narrow stream.

So many with hatred have ruled for the sake of their dreams,

and have ignored the pains of people and lovely children’s screams.

What if with hatred you win the world to turn dreams into reality,

don’t forget that you yourself will no more enjoy such drab felicity.

Image courtesy:Academy -Prism Perfect.

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