We look for joy and happiness for our dear ones and our well being, some of us do find it others run after it as it’s an important thing.

Whatever is good we ought to acquire as it’s our only purpose, in our search for the best we do find beautiful yet thorny rose.

The thorns around a rose protect it from attack of it’s enemies, similarly we must accept sorrows as for joy;the sorrows are it’s keys.

We can’t think of a happy life by ignoring life’s troubles, as by walking amidst of heat and rain our joys simply doubles.

What we will eat and what we will wear depends solely on us, for our acts in life arrange our needs and dangers we swerve and pass.

We often find the caterpillars eat leaves and other foods they don’t try, they are happy with leaves so long they don’t transform into a butterfly.

Survived on leaves they do forget as they live on sweetened honey, if we don’t transform for the best of life then for us it will be really funny.

So long we don’t intend to give up our hatred and jealousy, then surely we have to continue to live a life of curse and fallacy.

We know we feel bad and also sad whenever we are unkind to others, then we become like a huge stone where lichens and mosses gathers.

It’s time to be like our creator so that we can truly be master of universe, and be blessed and truly happy by getting rid of our sins and curse.


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