Life is not always smooth going, there are lots of turns,twists and risky situations to be handled judiciously.Especially when it concerns our own offsprings, people without children have a lot of problems in fact they feel helpless and unfortunate for not having someone to look after them.Those who are blessed with cute children are worried of bringing them up in a proper way,their educational, physical and mental growth becomes their priority.Parents toil hard to ensure that they are not spoilt in any way.

There was a time when we walked down the road freely to school and market, there wasn’t much danger so our parents allowed us to move about freely without any worry.Situations have changed a lot so children are escorted to schools and colleges so that they don’t become victims of ill intended people.I personally feel this as a very terrifying affair, fighting with evil people or tackling people of ill motives is not a problem for the parents but sending our sons or daughters to an unknown place for studies is a matter of severe headache.

I accompanied my son to my school everyday, he was admitted at the age of 4 and today when he has completed his 12th standard ISC examinations he is 17 years and 10 months old, he is 6’2″, his weight is 78 kgs.That means he is almost a strong and stout man. He has never spent a night alone with unknown people. Now that he has to go to college means he has to stay or live his life on his own.With 86% marks he wants to study Sociology honours and for that he must live in the heart of the city of Kolkata. I had lived there for many years so I know the city very well infact I know every lanes and by lanes. I am really very worried as I love him a lot.

I lived a life of piety only for him because I don’t want any harm to befall on him.I ignored my own pleasures for 22 years only for him. I adjusted so that he could be a kind,generous and gentleman. I know that I shall remain good so long he is okay like any other parents.I am scared of sins not because I love God but because I love him. I am scared of the consequences of my malpractices that is why I spend my time at home. I avoid crowd to make sure that I am not tempted as I am a weak person,I don’t keep invitations of any kinds.I feel that the best way to stay away from sins is to stay indoor away from the busy colourful world.

I don’t want him to go to the best college of the city, I am scared not because of the high fees structure but because of their attitudes and his attitudes which are juxtaposed, a boy who grew up in the suburban may not be able to match with the styles of the children of the so called great people. Sylvester Debangan is very serious boy he talks less, he doesn’t like crowds, fairs and parties like me.I know I am responsible for this attitude of his. He has never ever fought with anyone so far. With so much politics in the colleges of of this region I am in deep trouble, I can’t take the proper decision for him so I have left the matter to him. I don’t want him to be a pessimist like me. I always think ten times before taking a decision.I want him to take quick decisions and move ahead for his bright future.I request you all to pray for his success and his bright future.

10 thoughts on “COLLEGE LIFE OF SON

  1. First of all best wishes to your son. It is not a solution to hide him from the crowd, not to admit him in the best college even though he is getting chance. We are imagining the problems and draw something in our mind which is not good. Future is uncertain for everyone. Being a mother, I also can understand the situation but simultaneously I feel that in stead of imaginning the negative things why can’t we think in positive direction? It may also happen that your son adjusts in a good college very nicely. A student should often talk with their teachers for the problems at least technical. May be this facility he will get in best colleges. I am in kolkata for 12 years for the shake of job only. In 2008, when I first came here, I was getting so fear of everything – crossing the road, going to office alone, catching the proper bus alone, adjusting with colleagues at office.. Etc.
    Everything will be fine.. All the best to your son.. May Almighty shower his blessings to him

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      1. You will only hurt yourself with all your negative thinking. This is where you must truly have faith and in prayer, give your concerns to God and believe that He will take good care of your son. You don’t own you son. God allowed him in your life for you to do what’s best for him. So to withhold the best that you can do for him is not truly love. You may harm him instead of helping him. Leave him in the arms of the Almighty God and let God do His work in your son’s life….things that you will never be able to do for him.

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      2. Thank you so much for the lovely suggestions. Pray for him, for my wife and for me so that our faith may become stronger through his holy blood which he had shed to rejuvenate us every moment .πŸ™πŸ™

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      3. I will certainly keep you and your family in my prayers. When you completely lean on Him beautiful things will happen in your life and that of your son.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸŒΊ

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  2. All the best wishes to your son and as a parent, it is natural to through so many emotions. I am the mother of a five-year-old daughter and even I am always worried about her safety and environmental exposure.
    But trust me things will fall in place, your son will be able to manage things very soon and you will be able to relax a bit. it is just a matter of time and the fact being that no matter how old our child gets he is still a kid for us. God bless.

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