To live a life of joy and happiness we all choose different interests or rather hobbies, even a child has a different world of it’s own.There are thousands of subjects to follow for one’s satisfaction. I always have a busy schedule like many others, I am so busy that I hardly find time to watch a movie.May be once in a week I find time to play the synthesizer and that too for an hour.

Besides teaching,singing, praying,chatting I find pleasure in a scary subject called ‘Exorcism’. I don’t really know when or how it became my hobby.People are so scared of it that they run for life when they hear of anyone behaving in a possessed manner.I don’t know why I smile at such news even though such happenings are really tormenting to the possessed.

Before I proceed I need to tell you a bit about my childhood.After getting a share of his ancestral property my father had bought a plot of land to build a small house. The land he purchased was a haunted place for many, people avoided that path after the sunset.I have heard from others that in early days people disposed of dead bodies there.Nevertheless my father did build a house over there.I had an adventurous life in my childhood as I was fortunate enough to be able to sleep beside poisonous snakes.Very often I could find snakes curled up beside our mat in the morning.Hard pieces of soil were found beside our pillow.I was fearless even in my childhood whenever I woke up at night for small call my mom used to stand beside me, you won’t believe that both of us came across creatures standing at a distance for a while like buffaloes grazing on the bank of the huge lake and within a few seconds they vanished from there. I remember very well that my mother never told me anything about them when I wanted to know about the disappearing creatures.My parents found the snakes in our bed but they never killed them or took precautionary measures to stop such happenings.

one night my younger sister was terrified at the sight of a black cat with dazzling eyes.There after she stopped eating and slowly became slim as her health deteriorated a local sage suggested to collect several things like waters of seven lakes in leaves for her healing, It was a pleasure for me as I ran from lake to lake collecting water for my sister.At that time I was hardly a boy of six and I performed all that the sage had told me to do for my sister.I had read a full volume on Paramhansh Ramkrishna written by Achintya Kumar Sengupta at an early age.I had read the Engil Sarif and the Holy Bible as my father had wanted me to do.

Spirituality is my subject and I hope to complete the total sylllabus in this life.Exorcism is not at all a matter of joke, it’s a deadly affair indeed.To pursue anything like this one has to think of his/her own spiritual upliftment, The spirits know everything about us as they are always watching us, their duty is to nab people in a state of sin. They want to create a total chaos in the life of an individual and also in the family.The duty of evil spirit is to inflict sufferings to bring about total dissapointment and hopelessness among the believers.Death is the ultimate goal of them, they don’t want to disturb the faithless people because they are their agents but they disturb those,who are trying follow a path of spirituality and holiness.

Prayers and fastings are the two keys of exorcism,If you don’t pray daily and don’t try to stay away from some major sins and approach a possessed person then the evil spirit is likely to speak out about your demerits in public.The spirit may challenge you,it can even leave the person possessed and enter into you.So beware of the deadly spirits, the spirits who are restless and are roaming around the lanes and homes not only in the darkness but also in broad daylight.Most of those spirits are of people who commit suicides.They are not always trying to harm others but they are often trying to find eternal peace.

If you want to follow exorcism then you must remember your dear ones your family members before approaching a possessed person, you have to ensure that they are safe and secure. They must follow the spiritual way of life,they need to use the sacramentals,like blessed salt used in bathing water,they must sprinkle holy water in and around their houses every day. No Adultery in your blessed home or elsewhere.

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