I had posted a part of it in the social media few years back and now I wish to repost the part of the content on Jovial. “The End Times” by Maria Valtorta is a contradictory book as many people doubt it’s authenticity, but I have been testing it’s contents for years as I believe in what I see and what I am able to taste somewhat like the great Saint Thomas.I find every sentence matching with the day today happenings in human lives across the world.

The rest of the contents are as dictated by the author

When I put in Zephaniah’s mouth that I will take away everything from the earth,I am having him prophesy what will happen the day before the eve of the last time.I then announced the same thing when I spoke about the destruction of the world,veiled behind the description of the ruin of the Temple and of Jerusalem.Later the beloved prophesied it again in his Apocalypse, 14:14-19; 19:11-21; 20:1-15

The voices follow each other. In fact I can say that,as in a sacred building erected to testify the glory of the Lord,the voices climb from pinnacle to pinnacle,from prophet to prophet previous too Christ,until the highest point on which the word speaks during His human life,and then they climb down from pinnacle to pinnacle,over the centuries, speaking through the prophets after Christ.

It is like a concert which sings the praises, the will, the glories of the Lord,and which shall last until the end.Then the angel’s trumpets shall gather the dead of the tombs and the dead of the spirit,the living of the earth and the living of Heaven.All will prostate themselves before the Lord’s visible glory and hear the words of the Word of God-that word whom countless have rejected or neglected,disobeyed,sneered at,scorned,that word who came:Light in the world,and whom the world did not want to welcome,preferring darkness.John 1:1-11

I am the peak of God’s building.There can be no words loftier and truer than mine. But my spirit is in the mouths of the lesser ‘Words,’ because everything testifying what is of God,is a word inspired by God.

Famine and deaths due to epidemics will be one of the forerunning signs of my second coming.These chastisements designed to punish you and call you back to God will carry out,with their distressing power,one of the sortings -out between the children of God and Satan’s children.

Hunger will arise from plunder and cursed wars,decreed without the justification of national independence,decreed only out of power’s savagery and the pride of demons in human guise.Hunger will arise from the stoppage, by God’s will, of the cosmic laws:cold will be bitter and drawn out;heat will be scorching and not moderated by rain;the seasons will be turned around and you will have drought in the rainy seasons and rain when crops are ripening;plants and trees will be tricked by unexpected warmth or unusual coolness,plants will bloom out of season and trees,after having already produced, will cover themselves with new, useless flowers that will exhaust them fruitlessly.Because every intemperance is harmful and leads to death- remember that, O people –hunger will cruelly torment this haughty race hostile to God.

The animals,lacking hay and fodder, grain and seeds, will starve to death,and to still people’s hunger will be destroyed, given no time to breed.Birds of the air and fishes of the waters, herds and flocks,will be atracked on all sides to give your bellies the food which the land shall but scantily put forth for you.

Deaths caused by wars and scourges, earthquakes and heavy storms will hasten both good and wicked into the hereafter.The good, for your punishment, in as much as once you are deprived of the best,you will get worse and worse.The wicked, for their own punishment, in as much as they will have,before the expected hour,hell for their dwelling.

The victim prepared by the Lord to purify the alter of the earth desecrated by the sins of adultery, lust,hatred,pride,is you people who shall perish by the thousands and tens of thousands,cut down by the sharp scythe of the divine thunderbolts.Like April grass mown down on a field, you will fall on top of another:lily flowers mixed with poisonous flowers,the delicate stems mixed with prickly rambles. My angels will pick the blessed and separate them from the damned,bringing the blessed to Heaven and leaving the damned to the demons’ pitch forks for hell’s pasture.To be kings or beggars,learned or ignorant, young or old,warriors or priests, will make no difference,will be no bulwark against death.There will be a chastisement and a fearful one.

God’s eye will choose the destined by taking away the ‘lights’ so they no longer have to suffer from the fog caused by the people united to Satan,by taking away the ‘darkness’ because possesssed by the father of darkness:Satan.

God’s eye enters the palaces, churches,consciences- and there is no barrier and no hypocrisy that prevents its seeing.God’s eye will scrutinize the inside of the church,today’s Jerusalem, and will scrutinize the inside of souls and will write the one decree for the slothful,the indifferent, the lukewarm,the rebels,the traitors,the murderers of the spirit,the deicides.

No, people, do not think that God will do you neither evil nor good for your works,I swear to you, I swear to myself,I swear it for my justice’s sake,I swear with triple oath,I WILL DO YOU GOOD FOR THE GOOD THAT YOU DO AND EVIL FOR THE EVIL DONE BY YOU

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  1. Thank you, for “liking” my post on the, ‘From The Darkness Into The Light’, blog site. I read the above article and liked it, although much too dark and gloomy! I will rather focus on the ‘outcome’, than fretting over the ‘signs’ of the Second Coming. When Jesus asked us all to “watch and pray”; I sure He didn’t mean to worry ourselves sick over what might happen to us or our Loved Ones. Many believe we won’t be here anyway! Whatever may occur, God is my refuge and my strength. A present help in time of trouble. My hope and my future rests securely in Him. Timothy

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