You met him at the station,at the bus stop and market,

he has a gloomy face as something he isn’t able to forget.

He doesn’t speak much as he seems to have lost his last battle,

he lost all he had his riches,farmhouses and cattle.

He loved his only daughter from the bottom of his bruished heart,

his only hope his spouse who died on her way to hospital in the cart.

You look at him and frown whenever you see him beg,

he covered distances walking despite his weak and thin leg.

You don’t allow him to come closer for the stank of unwashed clothes,

the question that disturbs you is; why this profession he chose?

He donated the inner parts of his body to save his ailing wife,

he had thought she would be alright and be happy the rest of life.

They worked very hard for better future of their daughter,

they had sold all they had to spend for her studies further.

Their immense love for her forced them to keep the matter a secret,

she doesn’t know her mother has expired and father in a pitiable state.

He is very weak and feeble can’t even walk well from place to place,

the stray dogs don’t like so sometimes they bark at him and chase.

He lives far away from his dear ones for the love of his grown up child,

he is in a hurry to send enough money to her before he becomes wild.

His name is not known to them who often give him alms,

the calculations of his life was correct he made a silly mistake in the sums.

His worries are now less as his daughter will complete her course,

he started to smile as there was no reason to be remorse.

You want to know his name his whereabouts for love’s sake,

he is ‘the destitute’ but his love is genuine not fake.

Image courtesy:photoShanty

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