It wasn’t that difficult to write few sentences about ‘women’ but I am reluctant to write about ‘Mother’,may be it’s because the word mother is divine.It is related to heaven and so it is difficult for an impious person to write something about ‘MOTHER’.First of all I pray for the departed souls of those mothers who are now in heavenly abode and are no more on this earth.I also thank God for keeping my mother close to me and for taking care of all the mothers and their children.

My mother is a super mom like many other moms.Usually we don’t get the opportunity to speak about our mothers but an auspicious day like this one is perfect for telling about mothers. I have seen my mother in many moods and I am very excited to share a few of those. I have seen my mother climbing tall trees when I was a small boy.She had to pluck fruits and at the same time she wanted me to learn the art.She is a very good swimmer, so I remember how she swam across the overflowing lakes during the monsoon.Our jute plants(stalks) were submerged in water for microbial retting in a particular place close to our house but when owing to the torrential rains the jute stacks flowed to another place with the flow of the water current.She took a tall bamboo and jumped into the lake and kept swimming while I ran beside her following the bank of the lake finally when she found it she stood on the boat like stacks of jute stalks and rowed and brought it back to it’s place.

Another interesting incident of my childhood, being the elder son of the family she taught me many things at an early stage.I had to go to the market, to the mill and to collect ration I had to cover half an hour walking distance from my home.One day my mother packed three or four kilograms of wheat in a cloth bag with two tiny handles,then she put that on my head without tying it.I walked for sometime with the bag on my head, as I walked I tried hard to reach the top of the bag to hold it so that it won’t fall.Finally as I had feared I dropped the quantity on the unmetalled muddy road.I stood there for a while and waited for someone to pass by that road.When I found a passersby I requested him to inform my mother of my activity.Within a few minutes time she ran to the spot with a winnow, she smiled at me and sat there beside me and then removed all the soil particles with her winnow,she put the wheat in the bag and tied it properly and allowed me to continue my journey.

Another sad incident that occured made my mother really uncompromising.On one Christmas eve I had lost few rupees so I was beaten very badly my hands and feet were swollen and there were cuts on my lips and hands so I had to lie on my bed.As I was thinking of my mistakes I heard my father’s voice he told my mother to prepare the special dishes for Christmas but my mother turned down his request and said ‘there won’t be Christmas celebration this year’

Mothers are ever ready to do anything and everything for the good of their Kids.For the sake of their children they can become ferocious. A great warrior is nothing before an angry mother.All the powers of this earth fall flat at the feet of a loving mother,so let us promise not to make them sad by our attitudes.

Happy Mothers Day



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