Since my childhood people always said that ‘I am very good’,

that’s because even when I was hungry I didn’t stare at other’s food.

I always learnt to be tolerant in every odd situations,

just to be obedient I walked on without knowing locations.

I had no problem even when for no reason I was punished,

I didn’t complain at all but those moments I cherished.

The worst part of my learning is the art of compromising,

they all say I am very good but I know I am a very bad human being.

Speaking when not needed is certainly a bad thing,

but not speaking when it’s needed is called a person good for nothing.

A hellish life it is when I can’t speak the naked truth,

when for someone’s conspiracy lives of others are no more smooth.

With high hopes I toiled hard so that things may really go well,

the secrets of life are so many which I am not supposed to tell.

I did shiver a lot when I read of Sodom & Gomorrah’s fall,

but if we compare our sins with them their faults were rather small.

The sermons of today speak only of what the disciples of Jesus did,

we are incapable so we often say how five thousands did Jesus feed?

Saint Paul did that & Saint Peter healed the sick and blind,

our faith is still in the pages of Bible so we are seldom loving and kind.

The present generations have heard enough work of great soul,

they want us to perform the washing feet with water in a bowl.

We pray and advise to forgive and for justice we drag people to court,

we only read the word of God but don’t practice them rather distort.

I wanted to be a true and perfect human being for all,

but my spotted heart with sins has made me really very small.

The more I try to give up evils just to be the best,

but I fail to withstand life’s struggles small and little test.

Saving one’s soul is not easy but a real herculean task,

if you have any doubt about it to the angels during prayer you ask.

How can I have kingly gestures being leader of the poorest of the poor,

truly I tell you I am not at all good but a hypocrite you can be sure.

3 thoughts on “SANCTIMONY

  1. well written and thought provoking! 😉
    many good statements.
    reminds me of how no one can keep all of the commandments in reality.
    that is where God and His grace comes in 💜🌅

    Liked by 2 people

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