Spending my time in reading a lot your awesome post,

praying for all just to stay away from frightening deadly ghost.

How lovely & sweet are your posts so full of wisdom!

All that are electrifying I am saving in the chrome.

Writing is very interesting but reading is wonderful,

so I am reading more & more to write well by using my tool.

The more I am reading I am elated to see your pen’s magic,

I am sure by following you all I shall surely learn the trick.

Writing an awesome post daily is a gigantic task,

it certainly requires patience the way for hours in the sun we bask.

How do you manage the schedule and what really inspires?

Is a question that haunts me always and what are your desires?

It’s a totally different world where you all help one another,

guiding others with suggestions is a matter that you all bother.

Great varieties and different niches make it a lovely place,

you all succeed in writing what you want is a matter of grace.

I wish to write something daily but I beat about the bush,

to get rid of inconsistency I know I require someone to push.

Unlucky as I am can’t follow those who follow my JOVIAL post,

it’s so sad that I can’t serve my guests I am really a worthless host.

Somewhere something has truly gone wrong so I am losing all my hopes,

I know I shall regret later on for not using all the good scopes.

My sixth sense warns me of a strange or sinister thing is likely to happen,

If a deadly heat wave finishes us all just say ;where will I be then?

Image courtesy :shutterstock

16 thoughts on “MY DESTINY

      1. There’s nothing to fear, experience makes you senior so enjoy blogging thoroughly and you will be admired for your knowledge and your posts whether you want it or not. Thank you so much 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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