A strange attitude that’s not only disturbing but it’s alarming at the same time.My mother loves our ancestral home so she enjoys staying in the native place, sometimes I visit her for a day or two and I have realised my fault that is I don’t speak much with her.I only speak of the important matters and then I try to find messages or latest posts of friends and followers on Linkedin, fb,whatsapp,Pinterest,Quora,Instagram,twitter and so on.

My mother has not lost her importance but it is I who have made her less important as I feel I have more important people around me.It’s improper to call others as unimportant but it is my attitudes which make other kind and generous people small.It’s addiction to SMARTPHONE OR PHUBBING which have brought about a lot of changes, many have found their loved ones and at the same time so many have spoilt their conjugal relationships owing to phubbing.

I feel it’s an important issue for those who misuse the smartphone, so I am sharing a medically review by Timothy J.Legg,PhD,CRNP written by Kimberly Holland

Phubbing is the act of snubbing someone you’re talking with in person in favor of your phone.Quite simply, it’s phone snubbing.

Phubbing was first coined as a term in May 2012.An Australian advertising agency created this word to describe the growing phenomenon of people ignoring their friends and family who were right in front of them and instead scrolling through their phones.Soon after,the stop phubbing campaign was launched.

How does phubbing affect relationships?

Phubbing interrupts your ability to be present and engage with people around you.Today,more than three -quarters of Americans own a smartphone,(so far I know in India most youngsters have more than one smart phone in the urban areas) so the phubbing problem may be getting worse.

One study found that texting during a face-to -face conversation made the experience less satisfying for everyone involved, even the guilty phubber.

Phubbing and smartphone use also can have an impact on marriages.One study found that phubbing decreases marital satisfaction.Conflicts over phone use were the driving force of these issues.Another study found that spouses who phub each other experience higher rates of depression.

Ways to stop phubbing

If the idea of giving up social media makes you nervous and a little sick to your stomach,you are not alone.In fact, one study found that the urge to check social media is stronger than the urge for other interesting acts of human relationship.That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn other ways to check in with social media without scrolling endlessly.

1.Make meals a no-phone zone

When it’s time to eat, no matter where you are,put the phone away.If a distant buzz of notifications will be too much of a distraction, turn your phone to the “do not disturb”mode, too.Give yourself each meal to engage with the people in front of you and have a sincere conversation.It may feel forced at first,but soon you will feel more comfortable with having a face -to -face conversation.

2.Leave your phone behind

You might feel as if you’ve lost a limb,but don’t be afraid to simply put your phone in your car,desk drawer,or bag – and leave it there.Whatever alerts or updates happen,they will be waiting for you later.

How does phubbing affect mental health?

The effect of phubbing may be worse on people who find themselves at the receiving end of snubbing.A study published in the journal of Applied Social psychology found that people who viewed simulated snubbing felt more negatively about the interaction when they were told to imagine being the person phubbed than when they were not asked that.

What’sthe driving force behind those feelings? Phubbing is a threat to four “fundamental needs,”the study found.

Those core needs are:

♦ belongingness


♦meaningful existence


You don’t have to stop using your phone to prevent phubbing.You just have to be more aware.Being mindful of your actions when you’re around other people is a great place to start.

You can also ask friends for accountability.If they feel like you’re zoning into your phone, they should feel free to call your attention to it.

Phubbing is a learned behavior – after all,it’s only recently become a problem – and you can unlearn it.It will take time and some work, but your mental health and relationships will thank you for it.

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