He died on the cross for me for you and for all,

as all of us are great and no one is small.

He is known to so many as a king and a Lord,

he said,’to be happy keep away your sword’.

To be able to serve him by serving his little followers,

and he didn’t want us to be like many other borrowers.

He spoke in parables so that the few destined could understand,

not all are called to be his as he had already planned.

The reprobates will never believe in his saving message,

as pharaoh couldn’t understand and perished in the red sea passage.

Millions do admit that they don’t require God’s grace,

as for their hardships they are ever ready to face.

They boast of staying away from their so called spiritual life,

so they fail to understand that they are born to live in strife.

The supreme authority is not at all helpless,

then the reason for his death on cross everyone can guess?

Being omnipotent he has to be true to his word,

so to keep his words he died on cross as he is the Good Shepherd.

Life without him is like nothing but hell on earth,

just leave him for a while and you will know your real worth.

We are so strong and bold because of his great blessing,

those who are far from him often realise how life is distressing?

Billions follow him and spend their time in prayers and worship,

do you think they are fools that’s why they spend their lives in grief?

Just taste and see how good is the risen saviour?

try to remain in touch with him and you’ll have the true power.

After a lot of fasting for forty days at a stretch,

have received the strength to go on the great and the wretch.

As he is risen so there’s no fear of any disaster,

be glad and rejoice as I wish you a happy Easter.



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