A little word ‘Faith’ that keeps together forever two or three,

without it we are simply burdened & no where we are free.

All the hard earned money a pious person is able to save,

faithless people lose everything even though they are brave.

So many people practice their faith from the bottom of their heart,

then why don’t others take it as a real feat of art?

I don’t understand ;why so many people ignore God’s grace?

And helplessly they stare at their ailing children’s gloomy face.

They speak of immense love for their loving little kid,

to the ailing child so early why adieu they bid?

A life without piety is really sad and full of uncertainty,

such people toil day and night and are even ready to die in vanity.

Don’t pay attention to the tasks of pagan & attitudes of faithless,

just remember you require faith so that you are always in the race.

A great reward awaits the faithful not in the next but in this world,

you will have everything & be happy and find hidden treasures unfurled.

A little faith like a mustard seed can turn drops of water into fountains,

and it can relieve you of all your illness and remove all your pains.

For the purpose of shaving the barber holds the razor on a man’s throat,

it is the very same faith that keeps afloat a fisherman’s little boat.

All our little hardships, trials, poverty and tribulations,

only in the presence of faith we can convert it into celebrations.

If your faith is strong then be sure it’s just like a guiding light,

even in darkness where there’s true faith there can’t be any fight.

Teachings of our master on faith certainly we don’t disapprove,

with faith whenever we pray we can make the mighty mountains move.

Have you gone far away from the Lord and have no hope of salvation?

Then with faith seek forgiveness he will certainly bless your intention.


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