There are so many topics to choose to write yet today the most important one is the HOLY WEEK.As we are about to conclude the Lent Season with a holy week first by celebrating the Palm Sunday then Maunday Thursday,Good Friday,Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.In one of my previous posts I had wtitten about Lent ;a great opportunity to come closer to fellow human beings.Speaking of Holy week,the most important day is Good Friday or Holy Friday.This one is very significant in the lives of everyone irrespective of their religious faith.I mean it’s an event that occurred more than two thousand years ago and has made billions to divert the course of their lives since then.

What is very significant of this event is the death of a man.Why is the death of the son of Man (God) so interesting when thousands die everyday?Jesus Christ tells each one of us to be like him that means we have to be his disciple.Now the question is ;who can be his disciples?Are only the christians called to be his disciples?No,not at all, we all know that there are staunch followers of Christ even among the people of other religions.( BLESSED ARE THE PEACE -MAKERS :FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED CHILDREN OF GOD” MATHEW 5:8Here I ought to tell you the reason of the quoted verse of the Holy Bible i. e. if any one loves peace then he or she is a child of God irrespective of his/her faith.)In fact some of them are far better than the so called baptized christians like me.That is because of their forgiving nature,their immense love for humanity,their gestures,their kindness are all Christ like.They are even ready to sacrifice their lives for another person just like Jesus who died to save all.

So Good Friday is a time of thanksgiving. It’s a time of expressing gratitude.This is the time when we can tell others of our piety by actions and not just by words.It’s time to thank God the father for sending his only begotten son to pay the ransom by his death on the Cross.It’s time to thank everyone for their support,their co-operation above all to thank those who have non co-operated with us and has enabled us to be forgiving.When we forgive we raise our hearts to that level of our Saviour and we become like Jesus Christ.Oh how interesting it is to be like Jesus Christ!

So many people share their belongings and their foods with the poverty stricken people everyday.The strange fact is that the death of Jesus Christ has created billions of Christ on this earth to continue the work of Charity and interesting fact is that they are not baptized Christians.So no one can identify the so called Jesus Christ in the society and kill him or her.That means Jesus Christ is alive today, tomorrow and for ever and ever.So long the work of charity will go on he will never diminish.This is the reason for which we have to thank God and our fellow human beings and have a fruitful Lent Season.

Image courtesy:Dumielauxepices.net


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