Fruit of Labour

Some people often fail while others find success,

some go on working always while others look for recess.

Many try very hard to make things happen,

few struggle a lot and stop every now and then.

The hard working are energetic and have full of hope,

and always adjust with situations and never wait for scope.

They wait for a chance and accept it as the one and only one,

in life to shine and earn plenty just to have a lot of fun.

The people who ignore everything not knowing it as a cause of joy,

when the successful are glad they just look around for ahoy.

It is necessary to be laborious to find out success,

those who hate perspiration to them life is nothing but a mess.

Learning from experience is important as it has no other school

knowing the ways of our lives is really very helpful.

Making use of chances are works of great people,

opportunities do not come always as it follows no rule.

A strange life for so many as to them failure is success,

the rudeness of some people teach others kindness.

The defination of success is varied indeed to great and small,

some make great things happen while others watch their downfall.

To have a great success we need the grace of others,

especially for children to have respect for their fathers and mothers.

Have you seen educated people haven’t had any success?

Whatsoever they tried they failed and are really under stress.

Similarly less literate people are successful as they know the keys,

the blessings of their dear ones carry them through their life journeys.

Good to keep in mind that success is the fruit of hard labour,

we all are capable of having a little success and it’s power.


17 thoughts on “Fruit of Labour

  1. Good post but I would like to attract your attention to few things …
    It is not only about working harder but slso smarter , more efficiently and more effectively…
    Example ,
    Some Chinese car manufacturing companies are doing what they could to produce efficient electric cars that are being more well demanded in the world …
    With respect to literacy and education , education means developing from within rationally and intuitively and even spiritually.
    The word educate if taken back into its latin origin means something like self development from within according to a book called think and grow rich …
    …In this book
    They say that applying knowledge is power . Theoretical knowledge is more powerful if combined with practice and experience because as you have mentioned that life is more or less like a school .
    Best wishes …

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    1. With all love and appreciation, working smarter plus harder is one key to success . It is important to give oneself from time to time a room or space to rest , recharge energy and reshape or reframe things into better ones in many wats …

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  2. I could not agree more. Hard work is the engine of success. Society is sending the misleading message to our young people that they deserve — and should expect — instant success. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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