We all love whatever is beautiful,serene,pleasing,alluring and prepossessing, it is this love or attraction helps other seers of this nature to judge the maxims of life.It is an unit used to change all that is not attractive or not pleasing to the eyes of the spectators of this beautiful earth.That means it is very important for all to visit or tour other parts of the country or state to find out the exact situations over there which make people lively and peaceful and only then one shall be able to identify the differences of the two places.

Therefore it is necessary for human beings to live in a friendly atmosphere where they can learn to be docile,even if a person is arrogant has to adjust to such situations and is somehow forced by the people of that area to give up his /her hostile nature.Speaking of love and adjustment in the family depends solely upon the attitudes of the couple and their family background.It is useless to blame either of the bride or the bridegroom. It is not enough to help our children to get the best education,it certainly is very meaningful for their future lives but we must also keep in mind the fact that the children must learn to adjust from the very beginning of their lives.They learn to sit with anybody in the classroom.Similarly they continue to follow the same rule even in the college.

Whatever I have written are followed by most people then the question is ;why do people fight when they are considered adult and are allowed to live with another beautiful or handsome person?

There are so many reasons or answers to this question,for instances

#The thought of dominating destroys or kills the thought of being happy in family life.

#One sided unlimited pleasures destroys the respect of either of the husband or the wife.

#Raising one’s voice when things don’t go accordingly is the beginning of the foul play or violence.

#Forgetting the fact that if we don’t change our attitudes then perhaps we will have to live a secluded life.

This ensures that one doesn’t think of leaving the partner and choosing someone else.

#Failure to know the choices of the partner brings strife in the family.

#It is important to know that the sufferings of one person will be a barrier to the joys in the family.

#It is very important to know that to love means to give up one’s life for the other.When a couple understand this well then none of them will feel bad to do any work for the good of the other.In such cases there are no reasons to feel small for any house hold work.

#When things go beyond control at least one person must try to remain calm.

It is also important to know the fact that in domestic violence it is not always the husband who wins.There are many instances which show that owing to frequent domestic violence the wife abandoned the husband and thereafter the man is in a miserable state like he gives into the habit of drinking,he starts going to brothel and ultimately he finds himself to be a total loser in life. There are so many others who are behind the bars for the same reason.The worst is if the man is very unfortunate then the wife even succeeds in killing him to ensure that no other girl or woman falls in the same trap and spoil her life.

It is useless to blame others for choosing a wrong life partner but once you have chosen you have to prove your intelligence and attitudes not only to your dear ones but also to the world at large.A successful person not only earns enough money but is also capable of converting a mess into a message. To stop Domestic Violence the womenfolk in different areas must form groups to look into matters of violence against women.If there is any need to save a helpless woman then the group must take the initiative to interact with the different administrative level officers like BDOs, SDOs, the SP, the DM to stop such activities in the locality.

Girls and women often feel sad for such unexpected occurrence in the family but they must not forget the fact that most of the time a tyrant husband is backed by another woman somewhere else. It is often found that a man begins domestic violence only after a post marital affair. If the victim is not in a position to help herself to find out the unlawful activities of the tyrant husband then the said group should keep an eye on the man and should catch him red handed and be given the best lessons of life so that other men in the society will be forced to think ten times before committing such heinous crime.

I personally feel this kind of treatment is better to stop domestic violence than to open orphanage homes or destitute homes for helpless children and women.Everyone’s business is no one’s business right, but if you leave the matter to fate’s sake as it is not your personal matter then be sure this bloody contagious disease will someday step into the lives of may be your sister,your daughter,your niece, my niece and one day in everyone’s dear one’s lives.So wake up and take the right move to stop it for humanity’s sake.

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  1. You are right to speak out about domestic violence. This is an important issue. Unfortunately, most victims are so oppressed by the experience of abuse that they feel no alternative is available. Many are threatened w/ the loss of their children, if they leave an abuser. Cynthia Bailey Rug wrote an excellent post explaining this at https://cynthiabaileyrug.wordpress.com/2019/12/28/judging-victims-for-tolerating-abuse/.

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