‘To err is human and forgive divine’,

yes,only forgiveness can save sinners to shine.

We all commit sins and do make mistake,

remember what the lord said as he spoke beside the lake.

He knew they had caught no fish though toiled all night,

so he told them to cast their net deep into the sea that would be right.

Their nets almost broke as they had huge fish in the net,

then they understood he was the master so what they wanted they would get.

It is our sins that divert us to a path that we don’t want to tread,

with heavy burden of sins people don’t live but are often dead.

An unfair means to be happy is nothing but a utopian scheme,

that can never be reality but will always remain a dream.

As civilized human beings we are aware of inner wears,

a filthy heart full of sins do you know a life how it tears?

Do we put tasty food and costly delicious dishes-

to eat from a dirty platter tell me who really wishes?

Similarly believe me a great blessing from above,

in a dirty filthy heart cannot come in the form of a dove.

In the broad and sacred heart it did come as a grace,

to feel it’s power you only have to look at that blessed face.

Yet for years and decades we sometimes forget our filthy heart,

don’t even wish to clean it for once and have another great start.

To be successful in life we need to repent for our sins,

just the way to keep best clothes safe with detergent we rinse.


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