Even after having a busy schedule at the end of a session, when lots of work need to be completed it’s difficult to find little time to write something.Especially when a person is addicted to writing must find time to write.Speaking about happiness is the choice of most people as it is associated with everyone.Who doesn’t want to be happy in life?Everyone wants to be happy but the perfect recipe sorry I mean tips for it is not available in the market.Most of us are visiting different markets of the world.So far the search for happiness has not really ended.

After writing so many lines I realise that happiness is not at all a commodity that can be purchased from the market.Actually it’s an inner feeling that makes a person happy.I am not cock sure but I think it’s the end of wants.A peasant is usually happy at the end of the day when he returns home with the day’s earning to feed his children and wife.That is the real motive of his life for that day and everyday.He shares whatever he earns with his beloved ones and the interesting fact is that after spending all his earnings he finds almost nothing is left no savings at all, despite that he is happy.

When we speak of happiness we ought to speak of unhappiness. What makes us unhappy? Perhaps the answer of this question will take us to a place where a ray of joy and happiness is visible.If material gains are our motives then there would certainly be a huge number of happy people in the world.The reality is something else.It’s like a game, a child is happy with his toy so long he doesn’t come across some other new toys.

It is really strange to find people running with great speed towards the so called happiness or success which is nothing but just like a mirage.Practically speaking the sad thing in our lives is that we are never satisfied with what we have and that too is reasonable.Actually we need more and more to be happy.Trying to acquire more we spend more time and effort and when we achieve what we wanted we are exhausted.We are either no more fit or have lost our appetite for happiness.

In our quest for happiness sometimes we ignore the people(Dear ones) who wants true happiness in our company. We have no time for them as we try to ensure that they are not deprived of anything. In their lifetime they eagerly wait for our company to be happy but it’s so sad that when we are available for them they don’t require it.Then they neither require our company,the wealth,riches nor the ornaments,cars etc.

Why can’t we make others happy?That’s because we are not at all happy.We can’t give to others what we ourselves do not have.We have made happiness conditional,we don’t allow others to be happy when the conditions are violated for some reasons or other.It is as if I am not happy so you must not be happy. Thanks to the different festivals when at least for courtesy’s sake we meet people and greet each other.The worst effect of our unhappiness is our blame game.Whenever we fail to be what we wanted to be we blame our elders or dear ones for their non co-operations and then begins the bitterness; accusations, anger,hatred,exchange of words which take us back to another quest for happiness.

Now to make life easy I quote the sayings of a famous business tycoon Mr.Ratan Tata.

“Don’t educate your children to be rich.Educate them to be happy.So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price”.

“Eat your food as your medicines otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food”.

“The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he/she will find one reason to hold one”.

“There is lot of differences between human being and being a human,a few understand it”.

“You are loved when you are born.You will be loved when you die in between you have to manage”.

“If you want to walk fast,walk alone! But if you want to walk far,walk together….!!”

Six best doctors in the world





5)Self confidence


Maintain them in all shapes of life and enjoy healthy and happy life.

“If you see the moon….

you see the beauty of God……

If you see the Sun…..

you see the power of God…..

And, if you see the mirror……

you see the best creation of God……

So believe in yourself……….

We all are tourists & God is our travel agent who already fixed all our Routes,Reservations and Destinations.

So trust him and enjoy the “TRIP” called LIFE.


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