All our efforts to make our lives easy and smooth going  often seem to be impossible.In this regard the rich and the poor both are helpless.The aspirations of people are often like walking towards the crevices of mountains or hill.Seeking wealth and seeking peace are juxtaposed. A person with almost everything is often found to be a man of sorrow and sufferings.He has little peace of mind, he has little time to enjoy his own life because he has to perform various tasks to maintain his standard.It may vary from person to person but in general its somewhat swaying in the wind or in the waves of uncertainty.One thing is very clear, that we are always relying on one supreme power for all our needs,be it success or failure.Those who have understood this truth have chosen the path of compromise.Man is free to do whatever he likes yet most men don’t do that because they all have souls and the soul is intimidating the person every moment,so we abstain from doing what hurts others, what makes others unhappy.That very soul suggests an individual to take a recourse whenever there is a need.In this way people of active conscience are frequently saved from eternal damnation.There are two kinds of people on this planet.First the predestined and second the reprobates and we can easily identify them by their attitudes or behaviours.

Few signs of predestination are

1)They are lovable people.

2)They are forgiving and kind.

3)They stay away from confrontations.

4)They always speak well of others,are religious or pious.

5)They are not at all rude but a times they are strict.

On the other hand the few signs of reprobation are

1)They often complain of others and criticize them.

2)They are very arrogant.

3)They are quarrelsome.

4)They always try to win over others by hook or crook.

5)They show an outward attitude of piety i.e. hypocrisy.

Now let us understand prayer.The question is- what is prayer?There are several definations in the dictionary and also in the search engines but actually prayer is nothing but a sweet relationship of two or more persons.It’s sweet because we cannot pray for help to an unknown person,with whom we are not at all related.On our way down to our homes from the office we cannot ask a stranger to lend hundred dollars for an hour but we can ask for the same help from our dear ones or bosom friends.That means we should pray to a person with whom we have good relationship and who can help us in all matters,that is possible when we pray daily.Meeting a person once in a month for a while doesn’t make a sweet relationship.Usually we have sweet relationship with our dear ones in the family with whom we spend our valuable time and we promise them a particular time of meeting, eating,playing,talking,joking and so on.

So now we know that prayer is an activity like many other activities of our life.Sick and ailing people come to a man of prayer for healing, exactly the way a poor person comes to a rich man for financial help.Prayers are like riches accumulated daily. Rich people save money everyday and then all of a sudden they have no problem in helping out a poor person with a part of his savings.It is affordable for him because he has saved.In the same way we all need to pray daily at a particular time as if our Lord comes down from heaven to that place of prayer to speak to us, to listen to us, to solve our problems.We need prayer because only prayers can solve those problems which no one else can solve,problems which can’t be solved by using a lot of money.

A man of prayer is indeed a fearless man because he knows that he will reach his destination in time even if there is a storm or tsunami. That is because the Bible says”Nature is the friend of the Righteous”.That means the powers of nature can easily identify a man of prayer since they are also on this earth to facilitate in his work of piety.They are not powerful enough to destroy him before he completes his task.The famous Indian Scientist who studied plants thoroughly have proved that plants can feel pains and sufferings like other living beings,that means they have gratitude for the creator and the friends of the creator.

The predestined cannot escape holiness and a life of prayer just like Rishi Valmiki,who was a hunter and at the same time a bandit.He was destined to meet Maharishi Narada as he was born to compose the first Sanskrit Poem or the Epic “Ramayana’.Prayers bring mental peace in life,a person who prays is never scared of losing anything.Prayer is very powerful thing,it is more powerful than a nuclear bomb.So besides having everything else we should strive to achieve the powers of prayer for the good of everyone.

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