Speaking about women and their achievements really requires patience and time because it’s a great subject to be covered in a proper way.It’s an issue for which a person doesn’t need to study or go for the search engines.It is in the heart of every man and woman.We don’t need to know other woman to speak about woman.We all are able to see the light because of a great woman,our Mothers.The life of every person begins with pain and sufferings.The very decision of a couple to have a baby is really challenging especially for the mother.Fathers do have a role to play in the birth of a baby but it is the mother who has to take the real challenge of carrying her baby close to her heart in any circumstances.

It’s not that necessary for the father to be close to the baby when it’s in the mother’s womb.We have enough instances a such where the father has to go to a distant land for the earning and then it’s the mother who does it all to ensure that the baby is safe and secure.She is the one who fights all odds for the needs of the child.She doesn’t compromise with anything that is detrimental to the proper growth of a child.Sometimes the father abandons the mother and the child either for his interest or for his failure to adjust. Seldom the mother is found to have abandoned her sweet baby.Here I narrate the incident that took place in my dear youngest sister’s life.After her marriage my father expired and then she was carrying. Her in -laws didn’t want the baby so my mother wanted us(my wife and me) to take a decision.I am sorry to say I had to take the stern decision of not sending her back to her in -laws house again to save the child.

Like many others I can’t tolerate to see the sad plight of girls or women.It is indeed a matter of grave concern to overlook the pathetic happenings of girls and women in different parts of the world.There were and are many NGOs working under many Government projects for the upliftment of girls and women in the world today and the reality is even more startling with the rise of woman trafficking, violence in the family and divorces, which have become very natural in today’s world. It is simply horrifying. Trust me my heart bleeds at the sight of woman working in the brick kilns with their baby tied at the back or carry bricks and mortars on their head.The advancement of science and technology have not succeeded in bringing an end to the sad practice.We need more awareness in the families especially among the girls and women of the remote places on the earth so that they too may have the right to live a life of respect and love.They must know that they are born to eradicate the evil practices prevalent in the society.

Only proper education can be of immense help to eradicate it.So far I know the evil practices have their root in cosmopolitan cities and the pimps use luxurious lives as a bait to the underprivileged or poverty stricken girls and women to be a part of their racket.Half fed & half clad girls are sometimes ready to take the risk even after knowing the consequences to ensure that their brothers,sisters and mothers at least get the basic amenities of life before they die in harness. We all know that nowadays people have almost forgotten to protest against the anti social activities out of fear of dire consequences.At the same time we are also aware of the fact that whenever the women folk have gathered together to protest against any mishap they have succeeded and not only that but even a huge number of male supporters spontaneously come forward and stand beside them to carry on with their agitation or demonstration work.So the good news is that the women of today have to come forward and lead from the front to bring about changes that suit their well being in the society.

Only one request to all the girls and women over there, please don’t forget to report anonymously to the concerned authority about the activities in the society that go against women and to be brave enough to bring to book all those who are working against women and their dignity. To conclude I add the fiirst song which I had composed ten years back for my girl students to sing in a competition that was based on violence against women.Actually they did not find an appropriate song for the purpose so I decided to write that for them.Here are few lines of the song that I remember today.

Have a little more of love my friends.

Have a little more of faith

please stop giving us all unwanted things and pain then it’s all going to be your gain.

chorus-We are the women of today and tomorrow.

We are not scared of threats and sorrow by burning us all and by strangling us all no gains my friend it will be your downfall…

14 thoughts on “WOMEN’S DAY

  1. What happened to your sister is very sad.. But it is very common in the villages.. Actually case is little different. In villages, in laws always want a baby boy… Not a baby girl… So if someone gives birth of 2 girls.. In laws tell her to take another one just bcz they want grand son not grand daughter… Sometimes, I have seen.. For sufferings of some women, some other women are more responsible than that of Men. In these family issues, mother in laws creates more problem that father in laws.. It happened bcz of lack of education…

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