We have changed a lot and have learnt a lot since the olden age,it has been possible for us because of human knowledge.

Some people always work a lot some sit and gaze,at the stars of the night sky just like being in a cage.

A stagnant mind is nothing but really worthless,to him life is a boring affair as he is out of the race.

Keeping the eyes and mind open is real intelligence,people as such have wisdom and has joy in life hence.

Life’s true essence lies not really in breathing in and out,it is found exactly there where masses gather and shout.

A lonely life in a closed arena makes the brain dull and blunt,even the nomads find a lot of joy when they together hunt.

Most are born with little sense of what the earth has in it,so learning every moment of our lives is the real benefit.

Look around yourself and you will find a lot to learn,and as you go on learning you will also find a way to earn.

The disadvantaged or the poor haven’t really learnt a lot,yet they also live as they make use what their parents have taught.

Life is really a myth to some people as they haven’t learnt anything,so sometimes they ask themselves,’I am what kind of human being?’

The sorrows and sufferings of life make people often cry,they gather courage and are successful those who learn to try.

At the end everyone may forget us and leave us like the hedge,so it’s prudent to learn whenever possible to gather enough knowledge.

8 thoughts on “KNOWLEDGE

  1. This is filled with much valuable wealth. It is very insightful, as well as inspiring tools for life. Being a lifelong learner is important. We learn many lesson which we gain Wisdom and knowledge if we are a good student. Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore we must strive to get an understanding.

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