Simon is now taken care of by his granny,his father left him and mom it’s really funny.

His mother was enthusiastic of her loving Simon,she tried to look after him as it’s very common.

His granny a maid tried to make both ends meet,cause she hadn’t known had arranged a man so unfit.

Her only loving daughter was just left alone to live,with her only little babe how she managed you won’t believe.

She tried working as governess for her only loving son,yet all she earned was not enough for two people to run.

When all seemed hopeless she had decided to give everything up,she thought life was useless so she took poison in a cup.

Just as she was ready to kill herself her little babe did cry,then suddenly she dropped the cup &decided to give another try.

She gave up all her previous jobs for the good of her child,somehow she wanted to earn a lot as she had become wild.

In broad daylight she stayed in her home,when the sun bade farewell in the street she started to roam.

Simon stayed with his granny and had a cosy bed,for his sake his mom became brave and was no more afraid.

Time passed by Simon grew up to be a lad of four or five,sorry the disease that had crept in his mom didn’t allow her to survive.

Slowly & silently she grew thin and pale she was diagonised,HIV was the last stage in her so she was paralysed.

After a few days one evening she did breathe last,Simon was left alone and fate of her daughter was aghast.

Simon has grown up and is in tenth standard,thank God we are able to help him tall and stout lad.

He is really very lonely and a orphan boy,so he is always sad and gloomy and knows not what is joy.


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