It’s a matter of great joy to come across people so talented.

Your writings and lovely quotes bring closer the separated.

The invaluable time of yours, you spend for the joy and good of others.

You leave aside your important tasks and ignore all that really bothers.

It’s not only for your gains and profits,but it is a great source of help for others and also benefits.

The sick and the ailing the depressed youth.They read your blogs and certainly learn the truth.

The thousands who were in darkness can find light through your pen.The victims of injustice who are tired of slavery can break the shackles and chain.

Writing for others from your lovely little heart, to remove and cleanse the mind of it’s sticky dirt,

It’s not just addiction but a noble profession.It’s heartfelt gratitude to all over there and also a humble submission.

So grow unceasingly for time is fleeting.Forget everything else when it’s time for writing.

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