I had never ever dreamt of being a blogger.First of all it’s because I always had an inferiority complex before others.I had always considered myself to be a very small person and there are reasons behind it.It’s because of lack of self confidence.I feel very bad to speak about myself especially when I am asked to say about my talents or good qualities.Basically I was an introvert because of my beloved dad’s angry mood.My father wanted me to be a perfect man.When I was born, my mom was a girl of 13+ and perhaps my father had trouble in looking after the family in the way he wanted so he always canned me for my errors and that is the reason why I consider myself to be an imperfect person.Nevertheless he loved me more than I did,thanks to his effort, which has made me a God fearing person today.May his soul rest in peace.He was my first music teacher,who helped me to perform publicly at the age of four.I still remember the song of the noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore.I am a passionate singer but I am not a performer that’s because the other singers are far better than me.Now, I only look after the church choir since 10 years, as a choir master.

I can compose songs in a very short time on any topic but I think that’s useless,good for nothing.I have been bestowed with a spiritual power by God, that is I can see places far away as it is,about an individual’s past activities,the location and the objects of that time if I wish to do so.I consider it useless.I can pray for ailing people living far away for their healings and it works even today.I love exorcism,I have rebuked demon to get away from possessed person.I made that young illiterate possessed person to answer all my questions in English.The man can speak only Bengali and hindi.My father was a public speaker and I have inherited that but I don’t use it.

That was almost all about my past and some of my present activities.Now the question is why am I in blogging?What is the best tip for Catholic bloggers?The best tip for Catholic bloggers is to read the Gospel daily,at list one chapter.I do it along with my daily Rosary in the morning and at night.I don’t compromise with any one when it comes to the recitation of my Rosary.Last two years I have seen the death of more than ten persons in my neighbourhood. They died at an early age owing to illness.I could not help them with my prayers,because it’s impossible to help people who are not ready to repent.Practically speaking I had given up many good opportunities in the past because I love to stay close to the Church.That is the secret of my strength and my power.Power comes from powerful people so I am empowered by the powerful person who paid the ransom for the sinners of this earth.I won’t be able to say I am a perfect follower of him if I fail to be charitable. To be charitable one has to find ways and means to help the needy especially the children who need help for their studies and their livelihood.

One more reason why I ought to be charitable is that I am the president of the area council of Society Of Saint Vincent De Paul. That means I need funds and nowadays it’s very difficult to collect funds from other people,so I have thought of writing. I know today I am just a tiny seed in the orchard of blogging but if I remain loyal to my master then he will certainly help me to fulfill my dream of being charitable person.I know he will answer my prayers because I pray to him daily so I am not unknown to him.I respect him so he will respect my attitudes and aptitudes.I care for him so he will take care of the poverty stricken people around me by strengthening me.

7 thoughts on “WHY I STARTED BLOGGING?

  1. Excelente testimonio de vida..!!..todo lo que El Creador da es importante y tiene su utilidad para multiplicar ese bien en favor de los demás..El Todopoderoso, a su debido tiempo, concederá los medios y las formas necesarias para hacer de Usted, el instrumento que Él dispuso que sea y llegué a dónde le sea señalado.. Bendiciones Infinitas en éste camino de Luz por recorrer🙏❤️💥🌍😊..!!

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