In our daily lives we notice changes in every spheres of life.We get news of success from different parts of the world.Practically speaking whenever we come across success stories,the very term ‘success’ makes the reader smile a bit before going through the full content.Initially we don’t think of the hard work and the perspiration that made it happen.Very often we fail to realize the efforts we put into to make something happen.That’s because the term ‘success’ overshadows the term determination and perseverance.Thanks to the internet for the thousands of success stories, inspirational/motivational ideas or thoughts that have enabled people to start something new.

The very thought of so many people on this earth working tirelessly for the progress of mankind makes me wonder.They keep studying for years to achieve success. I wonder whether it’s for them or for the masses.After all successful people have to keep the pace to remain so, that means their hard work doesn’t stop with their achievement but it becomes even harder to continue with new vigour to maintain it.I would like to tell you something interesting. After the publication of one of my post on Jovial ‘Forgiveness is the real antidote of healing’ I got an email from a famous person who wrote about his concern about my writing, he could not accept my theory.I am sure he will follow this post and know what I meant in that post.

Regarding success and failures different people have different opinions as I have. I believe that scientists,doctors,engineers people of other professions are a boon to mankind.Great things are possible for great people.Great people themselves are nothing but blessings for all.They get everything they require at the perfect time to accomplish their tasks.We all know of unfortunate people with great talents working hard in different part of the world as labour to earn their daily bread and butter.They didn’t get the right opportunity at the right time.What do you say about this? So no one can say that it was nothing but only hard work and perseverance that made it happen.The stage was kept ready for great people to perform at the right time.

Sometimes we do not know what we are doing and what we ought to do,but certainly we can differentiate evil from good.Another interesting fact is that the people who are striving hard to achieve something which will be beneficial to others like scientists,doctors,engineers,architect,artists etc have little time to spend to practice piety.They themselves do not know that they are like little angels.Some of them deny the existence of God and believe in other theories like evolution but they do not know that they themselves are witnesses of God’s love or creation.They testify the fact that they have been created by God in a special way to spend their life time to ensure that the creation and procreation work devised by God is safe and secure.They are saintly people who have no time to kill but to save.They have been showered with special blessings of the Divine to be successful.


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