Well begun is half done.It often happens that the ideas or thoughts of making something new is done or is invented by someone else. The interesting fact is that the new device invented by someone else is exactly the way you wanted it to be.The question is, why is it someone else and not you or me?The answer is known to most of us.It is fear that stopped us from completing it,perhaps we waited for the perfect time and perfect situation.

If,necessity is the mother of invention then we should all invent something new because there is no end to our needs yet we don’t do it because of fear of loss,fear of financial support and of course fear of being unsuccessful. Fear of the comments of others, to know more about fear of criticism.

The sad thing is that very often we give up before it’s on halfway.Lack of confidence or may be because of lack of support we hide ourselves in the shell along with our talents. The amazing quote tells us, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. People who are ready to take challenges are admired, they get support from almost all corners of this world.That means we have to be really daring when we have no other options but to perform well. A perfect performance even when everything seems to be uncertain is what we need for a greater achievement of all. It’s possible only when we start considering the success of all as a piece of cloth woven with little threads of lovely colours.Lovely colours means help of other well wishers.

Today those who are successful had ignored the comments and suggestions of negative people.

Finding a perfect place or perfect time to perform well is nothing but a dream for many.

Perfection is meaningful when we perform well in an imperfect place or situation.

I have to do something startling and only then will my dear ones help me in transforming an imperfect place into a perfect one.

To do something with perfection for the first time one requires nothing but courage and confidence.

Everyone is more or less talented so to bring out something beautiful first thing you require is to be surrounded by positive people.They will remove your fear.

Don’t quit but have patience and keep trying. šŸ’ž

Thank you very much. Take care.

Image courtesy :pinterest.com

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