Failures are the pillars of success perhaps that’s why intelligent and fortunate people don’t give up and they find success. Most people are scared of beginning a new enterprise because it seems to be a long process and very time consuming.The great or the famous people we have among us perhaps have seen the worst which we can’t even dream of. I personally have seen the stairs to success as a horrifying thing and have always stayed back from the unknown.I do not know much of the failures of great people but to be a small person as I am today have witnessed dreadful things in life.The fact is,I had a lot of sufferings in life because I didn’t take lessons from my mistakes.So no one is to be blamed for that,My parent helped me to be educated,then they allowed me to find my way and they had warned me to be righteous and to fear the lord.In my young days I had not been true to my faith so I had to suffer a lot.I almost gave up, I was drowning in deep waters then I remembered the sayings of my parent.I repented for my faults and then I found my way. A way to success.

Failures are nothing but means to make a person strong.There are failures in every spheres of life because life is not for the cowards but for the brave.So only the courageous attempt again and again despite repeated failures.Destiny, nature or fellow human beings stand only with those who try but fail.No one likes a lazy person or a person who doesn’t want to try.The secret of trying is-

#As you start your move don’t look at the end of your journey you will be discouraged. Just follow the next steps.

#After covering a short distance change your strategy to make your journey comfortable.

#When you complete covering a certain distance you may feel that you will be able to cover the full distance but don’t let other competitors know of your next move.

#Always be down to earth to make sure that your motivation is in it’s place as it was in the beginning.

We know of so many great people who tried again and again to be successful.The interesting thing is that they never stopped trying.This is the message that makes us hopeful of our success so long we don’t give up.No one is inferior, Once during an interview for a job I was asked a question infront of other  handsome candidates.Do you think you are equally fit like the other handsome candidates sitting beside you?

I was not shocked at all but calmly answered the board saying, yes I am not handsome like them but I am fit for the job. After that I had to tell them as to how I could be same like them.I had to promise the board that when the other candidates would work for six hours I would work for eight hours to give  the same result.Trust me they accepted me happily.So there is always a way for those who are willing to make things happen.

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