We have read about thousands of wars,about great warriors and have also read about many war mongers.Some of them were really great,in fact they were so great that even today students read about them and wonder at their art of conducting war,their skills,mental and physical strength.They were uncompromising when it concerned their supremacy.

We hear of wars even today and we cannot even imagine of a sophisticated war of missiles and other modern ammunition. The war makers certainly felt the need of it that’s the reason why it all had happened.There is always a probability of a dreadful war and that’s only to fix up the enemy for not complying with another’s decisions.Actually everyone has a way of resolving certain matters pertaining to one’s security and integrity in a different way, though the saying ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is with us since a long time.So far we know it came about in 1839 when it was invented by a nineteenth -century writer named Sir Edward Bylwer-Lytton in a play about Cardinal Richelieu. Perhaps it took a century for people to understand it’s meaning until the second world which started in1937-1939.

Consequently we have witnessed or heard of small wars in different parts of the world but no world war took place there after.Thanks to Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton for the suggestion to use a pen instead of a sword as the pen is mightier than the sword.Thanks to millions of people especially the great bloggers, who have decided to use the pen to reach out to the masses.Yes,the pen is a symbol of true civilization.Usually we use a stick or a whip to tame animals not human beings because human beings understand languages.There are instances where human beings were whipped to make them work as slaves,but as we all know that, force doesn’t enable us to win over everything that’s why slavery didn’t last long.

Thanks to his excellency the then President of USA, Abraham Lincoln for his untiring efforts to bring an end to slavery.I really feel privileged to be able to use the pen only and not the sword like many others.Hence we have to work with full effort to ensure that the pen wins at last,so that the next generations to come will find this world to be a place of real joy and happiness.(Only the pen can spread the message of non-violence which was started by the great soul Mahatma Gandhi(Bapu).)The cause of human sufferings is not only because of poverty but because of the attitude of revenge.Unless and until a wounded person succeeds in taking revenge by means of violence is restless and thereafter that very soul, if not stopped in time will certainly be destroyed after the destruction of his adversary.

So it’s a matter of great joy to know that human feelings are shared by so many through writing especially through the writings of great bloggers.I personally congratulate all the bloggers for this awesome task and humbly request you all to spread the message of peace with your writings as you have been doing and then you will be able to prove to the world the fact that truly “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”Thanks.

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