I am really sorry to say that I do not have much time to spend on writing but at the same time I must write to share with the people who are still searching for the contents of their heart.May be they have not found it yet,but they will come across what they really need.I have been struggling even today like many others over there and everywhere.A life without struggle is really tasteless,I have seen poverty from very close quarters and from such instances I had decided to be humble in every situation.That has cost me a lot because I didn’t really understand the meaning of humility so I remained literally small.I allowed people to go ahead of me leaving me behind until I started reading the books of great people who had pathetic lives in their early days.

The failures and success of great people like Saint Mother Teresa,Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and J K Rowling and many others who had to struggle a lot to make things hapen have influenced me a lot like many others.Since then I stopped considering myself smaller than others. It certainly was their perseverance and determination that carried them through the stormy days of their early lives.Ultimately they outshone billions and that was possible because they didn’t dream of being great but they really started like a small seed which grew up to be gigantic tree.As we find more than enough for entertainment in today’s world so do we find more people in distresss despite having all the funs and amusements in the lives of modern men and women.

Something is disturbing everyone the haves, the haves not,the small, the great,the powerful and the powerless. Everyone is trying the best to reach the goal but most have already given up. Only the body is in the competition the spirit is weak. There is no satisfaction in the world.In every spheres of life we

find a defeat, a battle almost abandoned.Is it because of our attitudes? May be it’s happening because our activities are not for the greater interest,the interest of the masses, for the good of all.The so called great people just kept going without any expectations from the others.They were so much absorbed in their task that they forgot their own self interest.They accepted their failures with smile and carried the flag of success upto a certain level and left it for all of us to continue the rest of the journey. Now it’s upto us, we have to start by hook or crook without delay to make sure that we also participate in the activities of the great people when our turn comes with the hope of success.Success for everyone.


  1. Great post and good to meet you!

    I’ve never been a ‘gonna’ – an Australian expression for someone that says they’re going to do this and that, but never do anything. I’m a great believer in just going out there and trying something. At the end of the day, at least I tried, whether I failed or succeeded is not important. 😉

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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  2. I really liked that saying ” You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start in order to be great”
    I think greatness comes from within but it needs effort to shine through. It doesn’t show when you are idle, so you have to do something about it.

    I really enjoyed this. Great post:)

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  3. Excelente Post, Felicitaciones Francis..!!
    .. indudablemente a todos sin excepción, el Ser Supremo nos a dotado de diversos talentos y dones, que a su debido tiempo debemos esforzarnos por desarrollarlos , ( nadie enciende una lámpara para colocarla debajo de la mesa), pues con nuestro potencial sucede lo mismo, debemos ser constantes, perseverantes y creer tanto en el Creador y dador de todos los bienes, cómo en nosotros mismos para llegar a ser pequeños “Gigantes”. Bendiciones, estás en tu elemento, continú te detengas😊💓🌞..!!

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