In the present world scenario we have perceived the fact that technology has done a lot for the betterment of mankind. There are dreaded diseases as well as appropriate medication for the treatment of such diseases.The interesting fact is that despite so much of advancement in science we do notice people dying in harness. Some people are constantly changing doctors and therapies to survive such dreaded diseases. There are millions who are not properly diagnosed.(Not because of Doctors incapacity) In fact the best doctors of the world have given up hope of such patients. The reason is unknown to many but I can ascertain you that there are diseases of certain people which can never ever be cured.The reasons are first Curses,second Unforgiveness. We can’t expect doctors who have spent much of their time studying science ought to know the real meaning of terms like curses and unforgiveness.Actually these terms are parts and parcels of spirituality.Life is not at all as easy as it seems,it’s a worst battle for most of us so we often find people leaving us and going to the final abode above before the completion of the full span.

There are lot of people who deny these facts, they consider it as superstition. There is no harm in taking it that way but that often becomes very costly.So when ever we come across known people with difficulties with syndrome like dreaded diseases in the final stage and no hope of recovery.Help him/her to make the best confession if he/she happens to be a catholic.I assure you my brothers and sisters in the name of my lord Jesus Christ that a proper confession followed by forgiveness can heal any and every dreaded diseases.Taste it, judge it,experiment it and let me know.If it is followed in the proper way then there is no such thing called dreaded diseases or incurable diseases.

Some of our activities are often forgotten,yet for such activities of ours not only we go on paying penalties or compensations but our next generations also continue the same way.Doctors do not know of our such activities, in such cases diagnosis is impossible medications are worthless.It becomes impossible for the whole family to recall to mind such facts.I have come across some such facts with different persons like being rude to the most needy person,speaking rudely to beggars and not giving alms even when you have enough.Not keeping the promises you have made in the prayer room. Coveting what belongs to others especially cheating your own brothers and sisters to have a bigger share of property. In fact many have lost everything for cheating their own blood.At present there are thousands of people in the hospital with huge property they have collected by bluffing others, counting their last days.All such properties are useless.

It’s of no use to call ourselves wise when we don’t think of the consequence of our activities and we fail to find a way out of the disasters that make our life a real hell.

(…….to be continued)


The real wisdom is to listen to our inner voice before every action to avoid the messy state of affairs that put us after the completion of our task.Life is indeed a lovely thing to all of us that is why sometimes we go to any extent to make it more lively.The truth is sometimes vulnerable yet we have to go for it.People hate negativity, in fact some of us fight shy of the reality because dreams are often soothing and very comfortable so some like to remain in darkness.Practically speaking most people are very intelligent that means they know the difference between darkness and light.In broad daylight everything is visible but on the contrary darkness helps to hide our weaknesses so solutions of some problems are not solicited.Especially the very intelligent or the wise ones,they love to carry on the wrong way otherwise they have to change their way.

It is very easy to know the future happenings of one’s life and that is nothing but the results of our present actions.we know the art of being powerful but the sad thing is that we fail to understand the fact that there are no material or earthly things which are powerful.Everything is brittle even our lives and our relationships. We do not know how long we will survive yet we crave for so many things which may not be of any use to us. Does that mean we have to stop all our activities and start the countdown?No,not at all.What we ought to do is to ensure our future in such a way so that we can be sure of our next moves.That is possible only when we prefer light and not darkness.Sufferings are part of our bad moves except in few cases where mystics suffer purposely for the good of other people.Most of us are not mystics yet we have sufferings that is because of the seeds of injustice,vanity,lies,greed and lust which we often sow either knowingly or unknowingly in the society.The consequence is to reap the fruits of such vices and ultimately we find ourselves in darkness.

So long we are in darkness we grope and try to find light but before finding light we commit the same mistakes and our darkness increases.( Please don’t take this darkness literally as night)This darkness looms in the lives of even intelligent people.To get rid of such darkness we all need spirituality,it is there in everyone even in atheists.( Atheists are considered as people with no spiritual upliftment.I tell you there are many such atheists who are so fervent to their duties that they can be considered as sages or saints.They follow an ideology which is vulnerable to most of the people but sometimes they follow the steps of monks and nuns avoiding the sinful ways of life). Spitituality is the need of the hour but it is not acceptable at the present times.When we try to be in the path of spirituality we can be sure of our duties, our actions and even our language. We know what we have to speak and then there is no exaggeration that means we speak only what we are asked. That means there is less or no confrontation at all.When we have in our mind the thought of confession of all our evil actions we try to stay away from such evil actions.Thus we know that we are in the right track and as per the statutes of this world when we do our jobs assigned to us diligently in any field of work we are sure of permanency in such field.Our lives are also the same when we try to be in the light and do only what is good for others then we can be sure of our life span on this earth.what about living in darkness?The king of evil power the devil is always waiting in darkness to devour the person with sins so that the person is not allowed to return to light.Once the head of a family is in darkness the other members are misguided by him to a path of destruction and that is very slow, so slow that such persons cannot even realize where they are heading till it is too late.


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